On the 24th of September 2019, the judge presiding over the case of the State Security Service vs Omoyele Sowore

By the People's Bishop Kenneth Obi

On the 24th of September 2019, the judge presiding over the case of the State Security Service vs Omoyele Sowore granted his release from the former’s custody, stating that “The liberty of all Nigerians high or low, poor or rich is guaranteed by the constitution. It’s for this end that I’m of the view that the defendant ought to be released forthwith”

It has been two days now, and Sowore is still in detention.

At first, one of the lawyers on his case stated that he would be released on the 25th after the requisite documents had been signed. 24hours after his statement, however, Sowore has not been released and there has been no tangible excuse given for his continued detention.

This is not the first time the SSS or other government security parastatal would completely ignore the rulings of a court, and even after it was announced that the Federal High Court in Abuja had ordered his release, many Nigerians had predicted that Sowore would remain in detention without any consequences

After several courts had ordered the release of Islamic leader, El Zakzaky, on bail, the Federal Government completely refused to release him and did not say anything about it until his followers took to the streets in protests that turned violent. 

It then came out to say that it had nothing to do with the Islamic leader and his continued detention alongside his wife was due to an ongoing court case in Kaduna. This declaration came after 3 years of absolute silence on the matter and in spite of repeated calls to the government demanding the cleric’s release.

Is Omoyele Sowore going the way of El Zakzaky who was kept in detention years after courts had granted him bail.

It was the same story with Dasuki who was arrested over a $2bn arms fraud case. He had been granted bail since 2015 but is still in detention till date. He has accused the President of keeping him for no reason, claims that the government has neither refuted or accepted.

Now, with Sowore still in detention 48hours after he has been granted release, he seems set to join the rank of Nigerians who have been set free and yet remain in chains. His lead lawyer, Femi Falana, has promised to remain at the office of the SSS until he is released. It is not clear if the SSS is taking this promise seriously.

But it will do well to. By continuously disregarding the order of the courts, the SSS is passing a message to Nigerians that the court has no real powers to do anything in the face of the power of the executive arm of government. All tiers are supposed to be independent of each other and respect the powers of the other without interference. 

However, every time the SSS holds on to its prisoners in spite of court rulings ordering otherwise, it is silently saying the judiciary is subject to the executive.

No country can survive without laws, and even if it has laws, it will not go far if these laws are not respected. The SSS is setting a dangerous precedent with its constant flouting of court orders, one that will surely come back to haunt it.

The SSS should be dealing with politicians in Nigeria who are only selected and not elected. They know they don't have to perform creditably to merit the respect and support of the electorate because they don't account to the electorate but they only need to make adequate returns to their godfather selectors to be assured of reelection.

 So, the don't owe any allegiance to the electorate which is against the Constitution and the law enforcement agencies including the SSS is Docile/muted. Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best Way to Go Raising Anti Corruption crusaders promoting Righteousness and Justice for a Better Nigeria and I approve this message.

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