Nigeraia "For you to say that a senator of the Federal Republic cannot drive a jeep today – come on, that is an insult."

Nigerian Senators budget Billions for Cars

By the People's Bishop Kenneth Obi

“I was a permanent secretary. I know what ministers get; we cannot even compare ourselves to ministers because we are higher than the minister(s). For you to say that a senator of the Federal Republic cannot drive a jeep today – come on, that is an insult.

Go and tell the people that the work that we do is more than the work of ministers. The weight that is on me today; there is no minister of the Federal Republic that has it.” –Yahaya Abdullahi (Senate leader).

Until the Nigerian senators know the reason we sent them to the National Assembly, they will not shed their corrupt skin and they will never change their ways. In case, the senators have forgotten, primarily, they were elected to make laws for good and smooth running of the government; and not to feed fat, collect jumbo pay, buy exotic cars and live in ostentatious vanity.

In August, news abounded that the Senate intended to spend ₦5.5 billion to purchase Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) for its 109 members. This was immediately met with public criticism. However, weeks after the outcry, the Senate Leader, Yahaya Abdullahi has come out to describe it as an insult. 

There is no point repeating what he allegedly said in this paragraph as I have already quoted him in the first paragraph. I enjoin you to read what he allegedly said with a critical eye, so that you can understand the mentality of our supposed leaders.

There is nowhere in the Nigerian constitution where it is written that the people do not have the right to hold their leaders accountable. Neither have I seen or read it anywhere that it is disrespectful to call the Senate to order when its action is anti-people. So why did the Senate Leader, Yahaya Abdullahi, tag the outcry of Nigerians as an insult? 

What a sheer arrogance. Wait a minute! What has the Senate turned to for goodness’ sake? Is it a business organization where people go and make money or retirement home for failed ex-govornors who want to be treated as lords? Or have the senators become Hitlers and Stalins overnight, that they think they are not answerable to the people that elected them?

No! Yahaya’s statement is completely out of place. Nigerians have the right to call their leaders to order regardless of the office they occupy. And it is not an insult if they cry out against the insensitive move of the Senate to spend ₦5.5 billion on Vehicles, when there is hunger in the land, when people are wallowing in abject poverty and when the government has not started paying the new minimum wage it agreed to pay many months ago.

Nigerians are not beast of burden that must bear the yoke of the senators, neither are they slaves that they should keep quiet in the face of oppression. They have a right to say no to any anti-people step taken by the Senate.

If any senator thinks he deserves a Jeep because he works more than ministers as contained in the words of the Senate Leader, then let him quit and do something else with his or her life. 

The National Assembly is not a bank for senators to go and withdraw money, neither is it Bahamas Island where they can go to have fun. It is a place to diligently serve the people that elected them.

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Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice CRJ is the Best way to go raising anti corruption crusaders for a Better Nigeria, with the recent burial of Mr Corruption March 23rd, 2019 citizens of Nigeria are challenge to hold their elected or appointed leaders accountable for bad governance.

It's a right of people to demand accountability and not be Docile!

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