The case of stealing and selling children is common in Elele. About last two weeks....

Luck ran out on a woman who specializes in kidnapping and selling children as angry mob beaten her to pulp.

The case of stealing and selling children is common in Elele. About last two weeks a  baby of a woman selling sachet water was kidnapped. Till this moment the woman baby is nowhere to be found.

A road side provision seller's child was recently rescued from a kidnapper.

This woman that was caught yesterday. As seen in the video below according to eye witness do her stealing children business with her child.

How she operates: she will enter a compound with her child claiming to be looking for a room to rent as you are taking her around or discussing with her, her child will be playing with the children in the compound.

She will promise you to go and arrange money for the room.
Next she will come is to perfect her plan, while she and bike-man will be waiting, her child will enter the same compound and lure one of the children she played with outside. They usually do this when the compound is almost empty.

The Pure-Water seller whose child was stole around last two weeks claimed that it was the same woman who stole here child and in same manner.

As us all she came to the yard she has been and collected 3 children and put on bike one of the children brother started raised alarm she has carried my brother. This attracted passer- by who intercepted.

 Initially the woman claimed that the three children she stole are her sister's children on further questioning it was gathered that the 3 children are from the compound she visited before.
As crowed gathered the Okada-Man dropped the remaining children from his bike and ran away.

The angry mob started to batter the woman with clubs as you can see on the video.

 Her child confessed that she helps her mother to steal children which she will later sell.
The angry mobs wanted to take law into their hand but police intervened and stopped the process.

The issue of stealing children is common in many part of Rivers State. Just as crime rate is rising in other part of Nigerian Rivers is not left out. But the trading of children by a woman that has a child is a condemn-able act.
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