Oh! The solace of freedom! The comfort of justice! So hotly craved for in the soul of the oppressed. Yet, how close is victory?

With the just concluded, This Is For US" Liberation Rally! March 23rd, 2019 in Imo State, Owerri at The Center for Civil and Human Rights and In the course of my advocacy for Righteousness and Justice in Nigeria, I have been asked repeatedly if Nigeria will ever get better. And each time the question is thrown at me, my Answer is “YES Nigeria will get better." But for this to happen, we her citizens must unite and speak with ONE voice.

The voice of the people said the ancient, is the voice of God. That voice, when sung on a chord of a common brotherhood, is majestic and powerful to the pulling asunder of the voices that divide. That voice can liberate when its depth of conviction is only marched by its alliance with justice. Like a heavy brass of cymbals, it will vibrate across the length and breadth of a nation, cut across tongues and tribes, to help inspire the heart of a people for the glorious pursuit of justice, brotherhood and freedom.

Stories of old in ecstatic perfection rolls down the lips of ancient talebearers, inscribed by the gliding pen of the scribe, extended by the length of history to the hearing of modern men. When mortals would become immortals, so we learned, they became so, only after they unraveled the mystery and grasped with total comprehension, the secrets and mystics of oneness, by which they charged and roared their voice like a rattling thunder storm, and gathered strength where there was none, until their land was fully reclaimed.

So they learned in their days that until voices are tied together in the singleness of purpose and hearts are ignited by the beckoning of a common vision, there would be no fire, no heat, no gut to power the pursuit of justice and freedom. Alas! Curious students of the ancient ways have so known that there can be no power when voices sound apart, but nothing can stand in its way, when it sounds to its fullest in unison. So concluded they, that the power of the voice of the people is in its unity.

Too bad for the people. The oppressor has also learnt this secret. Thus, he sows seeds of hate and suspicion and waters it until it blossoms into tribal and religious sentiments which powers the engine of division. He keeps this engine well oiled to ensure that the people do not come to terms over him. He knows that division decimate the power of their voice and that when their backs are turned against one another, their voice is lost completely. Without their voice, there’s no constraint to the gratification of his wanton greed, lawless conduct and his unjust arrogation of extra judicial power and privileges to himself. He thus goes on a heartless spree, flying the flag of corruption and injustice, trampling on the legitimate rights and entitlement of the people.

While this last, the people groans under the despotic rule of the oppressor, toiling for little and less regarded than humans. Hope soon fades into despair. Life hardens and becomes a tasking task – reduced to a trivial race for survival. Like a long marathon, chained in enduring cycles of years, the baton of oppression through corruption and injustice, changes hands, sustaining the misery of the people. Dreams becomes too expensive to be affordable.

This is the case in Nigeria. We must agree that no multi-tribal, multi-religious and multicultural society like Nigeria ever achieved a successful political transformation without first achieving success in mindset transformation.

It is attitudinal transformation that must be in place first before the Muslims and the Christians can be united enough to resist the ruling elite and successfully put in place a new social order that will guarantee prosperity for all. The ruling elite – it should be known – are not in power without popular support otherwise they will easily fall. It is the popular support they got from a select among the suffering masses plus their friends and allies that keep them in power.

If Nigerian masses can put aside their religious and ethnic identities and acknowledge that they have a common enemy that must be defeated, then One Voice is all they require to secure victory against the forces of oppression. When the united voice roars, and blares at full strength, not the cunning deceit of the oppressor, nor his instruments of division, can withstand the forcefulness of the voice of truth. Like a whirlwind at full speed, it will sweep the land clean of all traces of corruption and injustice, and bequeath a tranquil calm in its wake for the refreshing of the beleaguered soul. Then shall the rising rays of a new dawn gladden the heart of the people, cause their hope to blossom afresh like the lilies by the mountain side, and inspire their dream to a beautiful reality.

Oh! The solace of freedom! The comfort of justice! So hotly craved for in the soul of the oppressed. Yet, how close is victory? The rising sun of freedom and justice will melt the thick darkness of oppression like a wax at mid day. Still, this is never far away. At the summoning of the people to the reclaiming of their common voice, the root of injustice shakes and the castle of oppression crumbles.

Is not this the wisdom of the ancient? The wise men of old have laboured upon wisdom and searched there on. What brings down the castle of oppression, whose offspring is corruption and injustice, faster than the close knitting of minds and hearts, so inflamed by a mutual thirst for freedom? They found nothing stronger, nothing more effective, than the united will of the oppressed, rearing for freedom, and so expressed majestically by the blaring of their common voice.

To be free thus, is to have a voice, a voice strong and powerful. To be free is to be heard, to be heard where it counts. Freedom is no freedom where the people have no voice. Of what use is the sound of many voices sounding apart in different places? Certainly, it is of little worth. But who is there, who can stand it, when the people find their voice and sound it as one? Assuredly, corruption and injustice will bow before the throne of the people, when they connect with their true essence, and shout their voice as one.

The people are the true heroes of every struggle. Citizens make nations great. This is what the Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) is all about: connecting citizens across regions, tribes, tongues and faith, summoning them to a higher calling, to gather their voices and trump it as one.

What will it cost to get involved? Be among the heroes of this story. Get on this citizen’s train and let’s have a ride together.

Christian Alert Group, Nigeria Rise Initiative in conjunction with Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders fighting Injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society of Nigeria for a Better Nigeria come 2019.
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