Good Friday is also a good reality check. We are not in heaven yet and here, the powers, principalities,

By The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi.

Today we participate in the commemoration of our Lord's suffering and death on the Calvary's Cross. The observance of Good Friday began in the 4th century AD when the early church instituted the Lenten Season and time of spiritual preparation for Resurrection/Easter Sunday. As a means of remembering Calvary, the church held Solemn services called Tre Ore, which is Latin for "Three Hours." Traditionally, Christian churches hold three hours services from noon until three O'Clock in the afternoon, the time of Jesus crucifixion. These services center on the seven Last Words of utterances Jesus spoke from the cross and include Paschal hymns and songs.

Good Friday, as well as the entire Lenten Season is a time for repentance and reflection. The cross of Jesus speaks not only of His love for us, but also of our sinfulness and broken relationship with God. The first words uttered from the cross, "Father forgive them" convict us of our culpability in this heinous act. It reminds us that we in the face of the cross need to repent of the way in which we still reject God, God's ways, and God's people.

Good Friday is also a good reality check. We are not in heaven yet and here, the powers, principalities, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places still exists. Good Friday reminds us that dark days are not always the sign of God's disfavor, but can also be the result of faithful obedience. In Jesus words from the Cross, we are reminded of His humility and His allegiance to us. It allows us to know that good Friday is not the end and anticipate a Resurrection Sunday.

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The origin of the word "good" in reference to this day remains a mystery. Some believe that it is a Corruption of the word "God" and points ultimately to God's work through Jesus Christ in reconciling the world to Himself. Others believe that it is indeed "good" Friday because of the merits of salvation made accessible to believers through Jesus Christ death. In either case, we set aside this day known to us as good Friday to remember a Love so strong that it would not crumble even in the face of death.

On this good Friday I have an urgent message to all Nigerians seeing what life development is, I know your hearts must be bleeding now for your country just like mine does everyday. Three good Friday questions

1. Shall we keep watching while our people suffer daily from one oppressive and uncaring regime to another? The Answer is No!
2. Shall we keep watching them Loot our Nation dry? The Answer is No!
3. Shall we keep watching them destroy the future of our Youths and the Nation's manpower while they keep their families abroad? The Answer is No!
Please join forces with Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) to fight against Corruption and Injustices in Nigeria and change the plight of our Nation and people forever.

On this good Friday I want to congratulate all the legitimate winners in Nigeria past election and to remind them that Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) is going to be a pressure group against bad governance in Nigeria.

On this good Friday, I personally congratulate my Imo State Governor elect, Honorable Emeka Ihedioha. Reminding him to make sure he conduct local government elections upon resuming office May 29Th installing executives Chairmen for a better progressive Imo State.

The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi, Advocate of Humanity and Social Justice.
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