When a person breaks the Guinness book of record, then the person has done what is extra ordinary than the normal things everybody does. But if you want to add more meaning

When a person breaks the Guinness book of record, then the person has done what is extra ordinary than the normal things everybody does. 

But if you want to add more meaning to The Guinness Book of Record, I think corruption and embezzlement of public fund should be included. 

In some African countries, their yearly budget is less than N100 Billion but in Nigeria, a corrupt government official can embezzle N100 billion and still works freely in the street with escorts. 

Relating corruption and embezzlement to the Guinness Book of Record, I think when someone is indicated with the tone of 100 Billion naira, he must be awarded the Guinness book of record honour. 

In January 2019,  Saturday punch reported that Nigeria EFCC has a pending cases of allegation and corruption ranging from N223M to N100bn Naira each against some politicians working with Buhari. 

If you can remember a statement made by APC "Lord" 
"come to our party and your sins will be Forgiven". 
It has been shown that these corrupt officials have cross-carpeted to APC so that, the party will cover them up and their sins forgiven. 

Those people that were fingered against Compton are.

1.  Abdullahi Adamu (N15bn)

Senator Adamu is currently being p
rosecuted along other people for stealing N15bn from State treasury for contract he awarded when he was a governor. 
Adanu's son is also being tried for N90m fraud.

2. Aliyu Wamako N15bn

Aliyu was in charge of APC presidential campaign in Sokoto State was alleged of laundering N15bn when he was a governor. He is serving Senator now and working freely.

3. Godswill Akpabio N100bn

Akapio who is now in a safe hands of APC, was welcomed to the party by Mr President. It was alleged that when he was a governor he diverted a sum of N100bn meant for the State.
From onlook of things Akpabio should be awarded The Guiness of Records for corruption, emblezment and money laundering.

4. Orji Ujor Kalu N3.2bn

Kalu recently defeated to APC as soon as he was indicted for corruption. He not only joined APC but went to Duara Mr Buhari village to take title just to show his loyalty.
EFCC accused Kalu of retaining in his Bank account the sum of N200m. He was also accused of having about N2.5bn in different bank accounts. EFCC also alleged that he diverted whooping sum of N3.2bn State coffer when he was a governor. 

5. Babachair Lawal N223M

The Senate adhoc committee accused Lawal of awarding invisible contract of N223m to his private company Rholavision Engineering.
A committee headed by vice-president after investigations recommended Lawal dismissal as SGF a year after he was indicted.
Lawal after that became a key figure of APC in Adamawa State. He ensured that his APC was delivered in the state during presidential election.

6. Rotimi Amaechi N97bn

Amaechi who was Director General at Buhari Campaign 2015 was at for front to ensure Buhari re-election 2019. Amaechi minister of transport was indicted by Justice George Omerigi-led Rivers State judiciary commission of inquiry diverting N97bn money released from sale of State assets.
Other allegations includes N30bn he was accused of spending during 2015 election for Buhari. Remindering Amaechi what he said during Nelson Mandella's death that 

      "We stole because you don't stone us"

As time of filing in this report Amaechi is still yet to be cleared of the allegations.
97+30 =127bn. With this figure , he should be awarded the Guiness Book of Records for Corruption.

7. Abdul`aziz Yari N68

EFCC and Yari has been in war over N700m looting. This money was part of Paris fund money which he diverted for personal loan. The case may die down but still on. 

8. Sheriff who was accused of 450m bribe was appointed to office of Director General during Buhari re-election.
This money is part of what he got from Diezani Alison-Madueke during 2015 election.

You can research for more but the so called corruption crusade be fought by Buhari is just a lips service and tools to fight opposition. 

This corruption didn't stop here as almost the whole world witness when bullion van carrying money enter Tinubu house during election. Tinubu boasted in the live television that the van was carrying money and is nobody's business.

Coming to the business of the day Nigeria and other Africa corruption is just a drop of water in ocean compare to USA and Britain corruption.

Using Nigerian as a case study some people alleged that before securing admission into university you have to bribe your way in.
We are discussing education here but is like whatever Nigeria do they copied it from USA and Britain. 

Siemens company owned by USA was indicted in Nigeria for corruption.

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Recently in USA there was a full blown College Bribery Scandals

Olivia Jide Giannulli is high school graduate and vblog owner. 

She uploaded a video on YouTube titled England my City, she made a comment to tease her mom and said "Teaching my mom slang of 2017".

On hearing that her mom Lori Luaghlin reacted if England is your City why did I pay all these money for your education. 

The 17 year old Olivia presented clout as a new term to teach the mom once again the said "once again....money for education "

What suppose to be mother and daughter joke took a new dimension as FBI swift in.

Lori reported herself to FBI where it was discovered that the actress paid $500000 (N180m) to University of Southend Califonia sport crew team. Olivia Jide was enlisted for sport which she didn't participate after the mom paid 500k.

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Loughlin and Giannulli allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to get their young daughters into USC by falsely identifying them as crew recruits, even though they never participated in the sport

Lori Laughlin was arrested and released on $1m bail bond.
The husband was also arrested and released on $1m bond.

You said 500k for just school sport pass. What on earth is going on.

The trial is ongoing and they may back 20 years in jail each.
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