The much awaited 2019 elections in Nigeria have been held and are now history, although the fate of some candidates still lies in the hands of the judiciary. The tense atmosphere in the media especially on social media platforms is gradually clearing and citizens are settling into their new reality.

Lives have been lost, hate speeches have been made against people, religious and ethnic groups, friends have become sworn enemies, and enemies become friends. In all, we remain, “One Nigeria”.

I have learnt that the beautiful ones who will bring about the much-anticipated revolution are yet to be born and that the “youth might never get a chance to lead because our political arena is not for the young at heart neither is it for the weak,” and our fathers might never give us the chance.

I have also learnt that we play jungle politics in Nigeria where our role models and mentor politicians transform into thugs and crush anyone that tries to stand on their way leading to scenarios where bloodshed is likened to water spillage.

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I have learnt that an average Nigerian will do just about anything to be in control of power and will never concede to defeat. I have learnt that a large percentage of Nigerians are mentally poor and no amount of economic empowerment will help them because they have chosen to be economically short-sighted.

They have refused to look beyond the surface of the devastating economic crises in Nigeria and hence will remain pawns in the hands of our greedy politicians who have generously capitalized on hunger and poverty to manipulate citizens.

I have learnt that the reason why insurgency, terrorism, and herdsmen attacks will not end is that there is a misplacement of priorities in the military as they are more involved in civil issues relegating and undermining the effectiveness and duties of the Nigerian Police Force and the Civil Defense Corp.

Also, government policies which are supposed to be put in place to find a lasting end to the mayhem are used for the political advantage of a few to manipulate helpless citizens who are the victims. I have learnt that most Nigerians prefer to participate in social media politics rather than going to the polls to cast their votes, and the rest disenfranchise themselves for religious reasons hoping for divine intervention.

I have learnt that electoral malpractices may never be history if we don’t adapt to modern technology and allow the Independent National Electoral Commission to be truly independent. I have learnt that our youth will keep giving themselves up to politicians to be used as political thugs and that the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) doesn’t prioritize the welfare of Corp members after the three weeks orientation camp especially as it concerns health insurance.

I have learnt that the ethnic rivalry between the Igbos and the Yorubas may never end and our bloodthirsty politicians will always capitalize on it to create ethnic tension. I have learnt that Nigeria is yet to recover from the social and psychological detachment caused by the civil war and that most religious conflicts are instigated by our politicians and will not stop till we stand up against them.

I have learnt that grassroots politics is a once in four years game in Nigeria which is only done during campaigns at selected areas because it’s only once in four years that farmers, traders come in contact with our politicians. Above all, I have learnt that politics is not for anyone who has skeletons in his or her cupboard and that Nigeria is still a baby in democracy, but that with time and patience we will get there.

Concerned Christians Alert Group (CCAG), Nigeria Rise Initiative (NRI) in conjunction with Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) is the Best Way to Go, Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders, Fighting Injustices in a Violence and Immoral Society.
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