The dark side of the industry is that some men assault women sexual and also ask them to provide "sexual services to men in power"

The introduction of hip hop (known as mad music) for some people by Americans is taking centre stage even in Asia. If you a lover of hip hop musicians you will know the a almost a decade R. Kelly has been off and on prison due to sex scandals.

In Nigerian is a common thing and almost norm that not only musicians but other people in entertainment industry take their advantage position to exploit women. This is how 2Face was able to get children from different mothers. Recently, actress Etinosa went nude and naked just because of McGalacy of #50k.

America, Europe, Africa are not only people in hop hop business of sex scandals as Asian hip hop stars were recently indited. 

I cannot say categorically that is money, fun, drugs that can make somebody video himself having sex and post it on social media. 

On 14 of March, a K-pop stars entertainment industry were arrested over interlocking sex scandals. Immediately after the arrest for questioning both men announce their retirement from entertainment industry.

Seungri a member of big Bang hip hop bowed to the public when taken away by police saying he is sorry to the embarrassment he committed but claimed not guilty for the allegations.

Another member of K-pop star Jung Joan-young was also questioned fir filming himself secretly while having sex with multiple women.

Jung Joan-young

He didn't only filmed the scene but also distributed it to private chat group Talkao. He confessed of recording the video without the women consent. He apologized to those involved and announced his retirement. 

In South Korea both and government and entrepreneurs invest huge amount of money in entertainment industry to the extent of buying fans across Asians. They also make a lot of money from entertainment industry.
The dark side of the industry is that some men assault women sexual and also ask them to provide "sexual services to men in power"

Some celebrities have committed suicide but yet to be linked to the sex scandals. Most girls and boys so end years training together before making it to Big-Screen. 

Seungri is being questioned for allegation that he collect money from rich people and ask girls to go for sex services.
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