Nigeria to progress, the practice of justice must include giving equal opportunities to all

By The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi.

Justice is the oxygen of every nation. No nation functions well or develops at the expense of justice. It was a former slave, Frederick Douglass, in trying to emphasize the importance of justice in a society who said “where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

Frederick Douglass might have said that over 100 years ago to an American audience but his words remain eternally valid and universally applicable to all nations. Which is why, successful nations have made justice the foundation of their government. However, the reverse is the case in most Third World Countries, particularly Nigeria.

The Nigerian justice system is myopic in scope. It is tailored in such a way to protect and project the interest of the elite. There have been instances whereby the same law that was justly applied to convict common criminals was unjustly interpreted to acquit some member of the elite class. Making it seem as if those exempted from the law were above the law. Again, there were also instances where opportunities were not fairly distributed amongst the tribes that make up Nigeria. Thus, appearing as if the most favoured tribe was superior to others.

Against this background, we make bold to say, “Unless there is justice for everyone, the country cannot progress.”

The absence of equity, fairness, and justice for all over the years, are partly why Nigeria has remained an abandoned project. Without sounding too pessimistic, Nigeria will not progress if injustice is not addressed. Not only in matters related to the poor winning court cases or the rich punished accordingly when they err (they are part of it) but also the equitable redistribution of resources to all the poverty-stricken excluded Nigerians.

Furthermore, for Nigeria to progress, the practice of justice must include giving equal opportunities to all, regardless of their tribes, and reintegrating those who have been institutionally barred from climbing the highest political ladder. For example, since the Nigerian civil war ended in 1970, the Igbo, one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria have not produced an executive president. If Nigeria is truly serious about giving justice to all, a framework can be put in place to break this institutionalized political limitation in 2023.

You will like Nigerian degrading to a failed State

More so, the Niger Delta region aged long issue of economic marginalization must be justly addressed. If not, the militant in the region will continue to hinder the economic progress of Nigeria through the destruction of oil facilities and outright terrorism until all foreign investors are scared away.

Additionally, as regards employment into the civil service, parastatals, and getting government appointments, justice must prevail through a merit system. It must not be a situation where a particular group or tribe is given an edge over others whether or not they are qualified.

Justice is the lifeblood of governance in any society. When it is missing as it is currently missing in Nigeria, there will never be progress. Instead, constant agitations from splinter groups like MEND, IPOB and Avengers, which are capable of scuttling progress will be the order of the day.

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