How Nigerians die in silence Enough of the bloodshed and injustices in our land! Enough of hoping that it will be better without making concerted efforts!

Nigerians, are we bewitched! If not, what shall we then say to this? How did we plunge into this state of dyconsciousness? Catastrophes that would have shaken normal societies to their foundations hit and leave us unfazed. Tyrants in military uniforms whipped us with scorpions: only a few of us protested. Now their civilian inheritors are scourging us with serpents, and many of us are singing their praises. Politicians and other public functionaries empty your public treasury and squander your patrimony/common wealth right before your very eyes: we gain much joy and fulfilment listening to whispers of the deals in high places involving huge sums of money that we  did not believe were obtainable in the country. Time, there was, when public office holders embezzled your money in millions of naira: now they do so in billions and trillions and many of us urge them on and envy their luck. In other lands, public figures go to jail for pinching your equivalent of 50,000 naira. In our country, Nigeria, the huger the amount one carts away, the more prestigious the national order of merit, the closer one gets to victory in the next  elections.

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Why is that Nigerians no longer blush? How did we come to develop a skin that is so thick that any arrow of degradation, no needle of dehumanization are ever sharp and violent enough to penetrate our body and rouse our senses? How did our nerves slide into this present state of stupor? Are we so reprobate that we become so forgiving, so oblivious of the crimes of those who rule us because we have lost the capacity to recognise their malefactions?

We have been quiet for too long. Crying to God is in order, but what is expedient is crying out against the oppressors.
They have killed every atom of patriotism left in us. After all, what is there to be proud of? What do we gain as Nigerians?

The intractable corruption in Nigeria and the docility of the Nigerian masses to rise up and challenge the political elites exploitation of their natural resources is strongly believed to have a spiritual dimension. Nevertheless, enough is enough! Some of us have woken up from our hypnotized slumber and poised to demand for what rightfully belongs to Nigerians.

My appeal goes to those who have given up on Nigeria to make a u-turn. We can blame government all we want but we would have ourselves to blame if in the coming elections, we do not exercise our franchise by voting out evil.

Enough of this slavery in our land!
Enough of the deceit by the ruling elites exploiting us by fueling tribal or religious conflicts for their selfish interests!

Enough of the bloodshed and injustices in our land!

Enough of hoping that it will be better without making concerted efforts!

Enough of wallowing in abject poverty in the midst of plenty!

Enough of sitting on the fence!

Enough Nigerians, enough! Please, you need to develop this anger for us to move forward.

They may make it look as if Nigeria is irredeemable and our problems are complicated. Lies compatriots, lies! We can achieve a whole lot if we are united in a short period of time. We do not need rocket science as our common sense alone can pull us out of these calamities. Have you ever asked yourself how long it takes to construct roads? Why we cannot refine the crude we produce locally? Why we earn a lot of revenue and there is absolutely nothing to show for it, yet we keep borrowing? Why we cannot power our homes and businesses as a people? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Change is not cheap. Change is not free. Let us move away from out comfort zone as we display that resolve to better our lives. Let us liberate ourselves from the claws of the wicked before they tear us apart. Nigeria can be a great nation. If you believe, join me and other executives and members of Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) as we walk the talk on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 in Owerri, Imo State.

 *The Rally is FOR US and for all lovers of freedom everywhere!*

 _The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi, Chairman CRJ, Imo State (Convener)_
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