Most Nigerians, debilitated by past experiences, have lost faith in government, the academia and even now have doubts about religion.

We thank God for bringing us to a new year. The major challenge ahead of us as a nation in 2019 is stability. The year 2018 was indeed an eventful one, with so many ups and downs in the lives of individuals, organisations and the country as a whole. We were tossed, buffeted and shaken on every side by uncertainties and insecurity, and a general search for a new direction.

In this New Year 2019, I look forward to when we will leave behind much of the vices and tackle the challenges of our country in previous years. Aside from the social ills, which have been flogged by practically everybody namely: corruption, unemployment, insecurity, bad leadership and collapsed infrastructure among others, I would like to see an overall change of attitude in Nigerians. Without an attitudinal change and a new orientation, it is impossible to turn anything involving human beings around. Nigerians generally must leave behind the cynicism, which has become a demobiliser of most of our good effort.

Most Nigerians, debilitated by past experiences, have lost faith in government, the academia and even now have doubts about religion. Let us all talk less and act more.  We must be more positive about humanity, ourselves, our country, about God, religion and the possibility of positive change. It is this groundswell of the “CAN DO” attitude that conquers evil and vices. Each one of us should become a crusader of virtues. Evil prevails because good people are lukewarm.

 Religious leaders must be more courageous and sincere. The fate of society is also a game of numbers. Let everyone challenge corruption, fraud, deceit, ignorance, and indolence in his own family, school, workplace and the church and we will all be well on the way to a better country. Change will be granted us only if we unite to provoke it. Let us bring back personal and social discipline and prudence to our lives. Let our businesses, churches, our artistes, sportsmen and celebrities engage in social responsibility activities in favour of the downtrodden and we shall surely end 2019 on the path of restoration and prosperity.

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We all have one positive thing or the other to contribute towards moving away from the mistakes of the past. 2019 is our chance. We should be stakeholders and not just spectators or squatters in midwifing this new Nigeria.

Nigeria must become a nation, where laws are not only made, but also applied to all. It must not be selectively applied, whereby some are sacred cows and some are victims. From the traffic rules, where people exhibit reckless driving habits that endanger other lives, to the big business people that evade tax, we must resolve to make Nigeria a place where things can work.

The present killings and insecurity in the country requires firm and permanent solution, as this has become counter productive to the government’s mobilisation for renewed interest in peace and prosperity. Overnight, people have lost their lives and properties. We do not expect change overnight, but a solid foundation for a new Nigeria can be laid. There must be a resolve by all and sundry to do whatever it takes— sacrifice and discipline— to turn things around. People must work for their pay, and not see corruption as the unchangeable profile of the Nigerian nation. We must also identify and reward merit appropriately wherever found.

Let us believe that God can still change Nigeria for the better. We are so greatly endowed with rare human and natural resources. We must reverse the brain-drain syndrome to a passion for happy homecoming to those in the Diaspora. Religious leaders and followers must pray for the healing of the nation and also model integrity. There has been widespread credibility gap, whereby some have made religion to become the lazy man’s alternative. Religious commitment brings about change in people’s hearts and attitudes, which in turn leads to change in the society. We must seek to make Nigeria the nation that people can believe in once again.

On it's part, Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) is ever committed to authenticating her mission of pointing our nation in the direction of true greatness anchored on justice and righteousness. We will continue to advocate for the emergence of true statesmen, whose expertise is wasting away unused. In 2019, CRJ will be as light and salt in a society that needs direction in more ways than one. May God take us higher.

Christian Alert Group, Nigeria Rise Initiative in conjunction with Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders fighting Injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society of Nigeria for a Better Nigeria come 2019.

Please forward others, Sharing is Caring for a Better Nigeria 2019.

The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi *Anti* -Corruption Crusader and *Advocate* of Humanity and Social Justice.
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