Anybody and everybody can talk, but you know as well as I do that talking about a problem doesn’t solve the problem. A lot of people have been talking for years but that hasn’t changed anything

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The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi

Most Nigerians, even those in position of authority do admit that things are not right. I strongly believe that when it comes to what is wrong with this country, when it comes to why things are not really in order, when it comes to why the system is not functioning effectively and appropriately, when it comes to why the different sectors are not maximally optimizing their productivity, I believe that the Nigerian people are not the problem, but rather, the Nigerian people are the solution to the problem. It depends on which direction we choose to look at it from, but either way, we can build a better Nigeria. It is possible!

I have written extensively on the possibility of a better Nigeria, and have spoken to a lot of Nigerians, home and abroad, and one of the most frequently asked questions they throw at me is; “how can we make our Nation better? What can we do? How do we make a difference?” And the answer I always give them is; “You should be an agent of positive change”.

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A lot of people know what is wrong with our country; they know all the problems we are faced with; an epileptic power supply, an health system that needs health itself, an educational sector that needs to be educated with the fundamentals of real education, and a host of other challenges that bedevil our Nigeria. These problems of Nigeria and Nigerians have made every Nigerian with exception of those in authority to become critics. But more than talk about these problems, I keep telling people that we’ve got to figure out the solutions; what is the way out? How do we put things right? It is possible!

Anybody and everybody can talk, but you know as well as I do that talking about a problem doesn’t solve the problem. A lot of people have been talking for years but that hasn’t changed anything. I believe we’ve got to start making changes by asking real questions and providing real answers, followed by an “organized plan” as to how we can build a better Nigeria.

We need to ask questions like; how do we repair the enormous damage of these dismal years and recapture that sense of common purpose that has seen us through our darkest moments? How do we charge our darling Nigeria towards the direction of the ideals that were inscribed on the hearts and minds of our founding fathers? How can we begin living in the reality of the motto of our Nation – Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress? We have so many things to deal with and we need to talk straight up!

This time around, we need real changes. We need to do this one way, one style, because we have one end in view, we want to build a better Nigeria. Whatever part of the country you are from, whatever tribe or ethnic nationality you come from, so far you love righteousness and justice; let us work as partners in progress.

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The real issue we face right now is about the past versus the future. It is about where we are coming from versus where we are going to. Let us move forward with a common purpose, a common drive, and a common end in view. There are so many better things for us to see; things to be in the future. Our history is full of tragedy and misery, so we need to leave it where it belongs – the past, and then move forward to see how we can build a better Nigeria. It is possible.

Whatever will become of our lives, whatever will become of our nation, it’s on us to do what we have to do. That is the factor behind my claim that the Nigerian people are the solution to the Nigerian problems, the solution begins with you and me. We all know that people make up our society, and societies make up the nation, so if we can affect people positively, we will affect the society, and invariably we will affect the nation positively. Let us organize; we need to start taking care of our home. We need to start somewhere and we need to start here and now.

Lastly, we should note that the positive changes we desire will not happen without us having a new spirit of service. Let us all summon a new spirit of patriotism and responsibility. I may not completely be sure of anything else, but this one thing I am completely sure of; we can build a better Nigeria. It is possible.

Like I tell people wherever I find them, I want to tell you as well; you should be an agent of positive change. Where do you go from here? That’s a choice I leave to you.

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*The People's Bishop, Kenneth Obi, Chairman, CRJ, IMO STATE*
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