Sunday, November 4, 2018

Why did the USA called Buhari life less President

When it comes to talk, president Donald Trump is good at that, Just secently CNN conducted research on how Trump uses his twitter handle. Early last year it was A website being owned and managed in UK that reported Buhari death,

Though according to rumors Buhari was in Hospital at the time of the report .

The report of blog /website is still on their website at the time of writing, My question why is this rumor still on the metro? Is it not time for metro to remove the news?

Is there any secret behind this new ? Your guess will be as good as mine.

The coming to Nigeria (Mr. President Buhari)

There was much of confusion than fabrications. Till this moment people are still asking is this the same man that was reported dead or is there some secrets. Many report/rumors suggested that after his return all the time.

When it comes to this saga of Buhari's well being the media is not helping Matters you can remember that the day Mr. President return was aired in Nigeria, different TV station across the country is showing the same person in different clothes. This still leave a wide vacuum on this issue of Mr. President health wise

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People from different parts of the country are claiming that he is not the real man (Buhari) they knew.

Sometimes ago president Buhari visited United States president (Donald Trump ) we bring the picture (credit) to this analysis. Unlike North Korea (which suppose to be Trumps enemy received a warm welcome from Trump but the Buhari visit was something else.

Why did the USA called Buhari life less President

Trump seated next to Buhari and was somehow glamouring and supprisely starring at him. What was in trumps mind? Not too long that Buhari left USA that USA leak information calling Buhari (Life less) president.

Is this a rumour just as metro. Blog?

Is there any secret that these people are not telling Nigerians? Why would British owned media reported Buhari dead and Now USA is calling him a lifeless President? Who is deceiving who here? What is the truth? Why will African leaders always turn to caricature?

The worst part was when USA Ambassador declined to comment on this matter.

Nigerians is your president (Buhari) lifeless?

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