The Nigeria Army has been poorly unfunded, not just as a result of recent time, but as a result of the times we found ourselves immemorial

These are sad times to be a Nigerian, particularly under this form of leadership, under this administration, where as usual unfortunate norms are high on the increase, let’s check in into the current trends happening now, been a toothless citizen of the most populous black country.
Meanwhile in America, if one of its citizens is wasted outside its shore, in a wrong manner, the country who play host is in a national trouble, if it is one of her soldier, then at least two or three of the country’s military personnel would pay, that is why it's a rare thing for internal trouble to crack their shells, although that is never to belittle other countries and super powers of the world.

In Nigeria, precisely currently, everything, seems to be going wrong for almost majority of the citizens, and security to say, is at an oblivion level, this administration has proven to be a bad gamble for the last three years, and even now when it reigns are closing it keeps getting even worse, few days ago, many of the once Nigerians gallant Soldiers, fell easily to the sharp knives of the country’s old foe, the Boko Haram insurgents, worst of it all, there were ample time for recordings of this tragic minutes, even though the army has called off the video as been fake. Buhari reacted, yes, our president express Shock, then still go about his election campaign.

The Nigeria Army has been poorly unfunded, not just as a result of recent time, but as a result of the times we found ourselves immemorial, the discipline is gone, yet Tukor Buratai has increased nothing in terms of efficiency nor even fight for the welfare of the Nigeria Army, how much more sophisticated equipment shipout to insurgents, the Nigeria Army I was taught in history is not the one I see now. Yet we have a government in place.

In a develped countries, where lives are valued I tell you, such a man would have been dismissed, if not also face the wrath of the law, this is a man who's been probe for owning different assets off the shores of Nigeria, few years into his tenure, while ammunition are rusting in the hands of those who have been selected to protect lives and properties, I think we have a problem, not just the government. But we, our attitudes towards the government.

Lets travel into another badland, the Academic staff union of university, has been on strike, for almost a month, and the world class students of this country, are home, doing usually nothing productive in some sector, yet there's a sitting president, who jets in and out of the country, using the resources that are scarce on meaningless purposes, worst still, busy seeking for his re-election into the house of the presidency one more time, isn’t that something to worry about, to the students whose population is enough to decide the country, yet contributing nothing because many are afraid of nothing.

How Nigerians  celebrate thieves

Recently while the strike is going into its full one month, there’s an NUC chairman somewhere, whose son graduated from a university outside Nigeria, with a PhD, from Aberdeen, United Kingdom, this are the kind of men, who you prefer take the fight to the government, deciding the fate of the millions of Nigeria students, if his son, Rasheed was studying in Nigeria under this kind of pressure, there would be a significant impact from his side, the solution won’t be to delay the already old curriculum, outdated, school curriculum we are still using on Nigeria. To this end, if men like this remain in power, I tell you world class Nigeria youths, our progress won’t be much, it's time we stand tall and change tides like this.

To the standard of living, this might not be necessary, because we see things everyday, and from every angle, how ill equipped we are as a people, surviving, the country standard of living, is at a 55.71% low compared to countries with giant population like the United States, with over 71% of the population living on less than a dollar, it's no longer news we are now the capital of the world poorest countries, a tag I don’t believe, but for the few determining where the money goes to, one might be unserious to not acknowledge the insightful tag, the masses are hungry, it's the weapons the greedy politicians have used to shove us off their irresponsible acts, and the average Nigerian man, can’t stand up for justice, I tell you if justice is below the feet of the politicians, mass protest won’t, it's high time we go to the doors of those we have put into sits of powers, and demands accountability, how our funds have been spent, and any bad eggs discovered shouldn’t just be prosecuted, if possible executed, I don’t know when our people would wake up to this level while they are going to the next level in the cloaks of their greed.

I like us to delve into another issue transporting Nigeria into a fast failed States, This administration promises so much that we can’t even remember them all, one is security, the truth is, even the best organized nation’s of the world is not totally free from security challenges, but everyday, we see the fruits of progress, while here in Nigeria, its regression, every minute and every second, another journey into the dungeon of the Boko Haram, as they kidnap freely, using the tag unknown gunmen, few days ago, Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped 15 girls overnight in a village near Toumour, southeastern Nigeria, since 2009, this plague has been affecting this nation, but this year, its a celebration year, when the hopes were highly raised of how free we are becoming that the insurgents are fleeing but what a lie.

At this reason if the present government still remains at the helm of power chasing another ambitions into power, we are the problems of ourselves to allow this few control our destinies.

Lets move another time, into religion, under this administration, her country dedicated the biggest worship center in the world, church, apart from that, we have combined together mosque and churches the higest number of worshipping centres in the world, yet our schools are on shutdown, yet our schools are unfunded, tragically still, our ways is something for God to worry about. No wonder if the words of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is something to think about, we as a people have turn the only place we could develop and be Remembered for, into a large grave yard, where we are finally dump after some of our misery lives on earth.

How does this affect the government of the day anyway, when a leader has no motivation for education, but rather funds hajj pilgrimage, yearly, rather than improve structurally deficient schools, we should expect less, why then should such a government remain in sit, it's our fault if he retains position.

As easy as I found it easy to condemn not just the government of the day, but all political leaders at the helms of power, I have tried so hard to point out the goods they have done so far, but it's just a speck of dust, compared to the resources at their disposal, one problem of the Nigeria politician is that he wants to be relevant at all cost, in order to shove away his bad linen, they are all the same, from Obasanjo, to Buhari, they have no interest of us in their hearts, they have started making our psychological thinking change direction, no wonder a youth will tell you, he wants to leave his fatherland, preferring slavery to be a man in his homeland.

It is unfortunate that whatever we say now, the 2019, election is more important than anything else, this happens only in Nigeria, I want us to visit the corridors of power, the Nigeria house of senates, house of representatives, it's so bad under Buharis’ watch the transfer market there, has been a free falling one, how this people get there I do not understand, frustration has continued to hit the average man while reading or watching the daily news, about how that red chamber is run, into ruin, it's unfortunate when issues that need treatment on home soil, one senator puts a call through to foreign lands, seeking for their help, that our country is incapable, those who remember, The senate President article of 2016, “Nigeria cannot overcome its gathering humanitarian crisis alone”, seeking for international help concerning our food crisis, would know how embarrassing it is to be a Nigerian under this birds of passage, as Niyi Osundare termed them, there is another who prefer to send letters to the United States, concerning probe issues at home, they are scared of the iron hands of the law, yet unfortunately no one has been affected so far, and likewise this issue of SERAP, seeking for probe of how the Nigeria allocation for military service has gone since the early 90s would also be swept under the carpet, this I also know for sure.
I have said it, times without number, in my other justice articles, for the revival of this country, fast becoming a failed state, but what therefore is a failed state? Wikipedia explains it thus: A failed state is a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a
sovereign government no longer function properly Likewise, when a nation weakens, its standard of living declines, it introduces the possibility of total governmental collapse.

While a failing state, is that, which the government seems so weak, that it now possesses characteristics that its decision making is been delayed while life and security is no longer guarantee among citizens of such Government.

Now my question is, since life and properties are no longer save in the country called Nigeria, but some selected few protect themselves in the name of government, using the general public funds to keep themselves and their families save, do we still term such a system failed, failing or systematically failed state.

The Nigeria people, with the problems surrounding the environment, and society we live today, it will be so unfortunate to ring the phones of the international community seeking for unnecessary help, where we can’t find it, thereby embarrassing us the more the people should start now, taking responsibility for any failed Government, all civil service at all levels should be cross checked and held accountable for anything, this time around mobilization seems to be the answer, the urgency of now therefore is to get to the offices of the President, Governors, Local Governments, and demand for the cost through which their term is been carried out, Nigerians should demand for answers. Nigerians should wake up from social media wars, while the major culprits are still been protected by us and our unfortunate ranting.

I have not asked for Mobocracy, but if Democracy would survive then a mix of Mobocracy might do, my candid opinion to save my country, Nigeria.

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The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi *Anti* -Corruption Crusader and *Advocate* of Humanity and Social Justice.
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