Why would they insist on planting successor at Government House? If it were not for ulterior motives of “chop and clean

Rarely do I write against the leadership of my beloved state, Imo, because I thoroughly understand the biblical injunction, which mandates people to respect their leaders. But based on recent events in the state, one really does not have any choice than to devote little attention to addressing some pertinent issues.

It must now be obvious to Imo people that they chose wrongly 2011. Any sane person should be disturbed at the level of hardship especially those that travelled all the way back to Imo State then to mobilise our folks to rise in support of the present administration. The good people of Imo thought they have found the Messiah the state needs so badly because since the administration of the late Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe (God bless his soul); the state has been very, very unfortunate with leadership. Sadly, it has been the curious case of one plunderer after another taking their turn, which the state has to avoid in 2019.

It is unfortunate that Imo State has become a laughing stock among the states of the federation. The present administration in the state is an occurrence which the living, the dead and ancestors of the land wish never happened. The ignominious rule has headed Imo back to the dark ages and within the period in review, sister states, Anambra and Ebonyi have well overtaken her economically, developmentally and otherwise. It has dawned on everyone in Nigeria and the world that Imo was set on regression in 2011.

 Listing the many areas where the administration has failed woefully and is still failing would be a waste of precious time and energy. But if we must, what else can one say than that the administration on a mission has taken seven years to litter  Imo State with bad roads, abandoned projects, comatose health sector, destroyed markets, crippled businesses; while leaving workers, pensioners, traders, business men and women in regrets, pain and anguish. Not satisfied with that, the administration wants to entrench life- governorship ambition by imposing a successor on the State. This is clearly not exciting the people of the state who are against it. To them, it is an attempt to impose on the people’s will regardless of the fact of whether or not the attempted imposition adhered to the zoning arrangement as is presently structured.

Why would they insist on planting successor at Government House? If it were not for ulterior motives of “chop and clean or “loot and block? Do they have the  constitutional and moral right to impose a successor upon the masses?

I ask these questions because if a son-in-law is elected Imo governor in 2019, then it is the incumbent that has been directly re-elected for an unconstitutional and illegal third term. Nobody has been able to controvert that with a superior argument.

For groaning out aloud, this is a democracy. There are basic best democratic principles and practices. Major among them is freedom of choice; choice of who the individuals want to be their elected representatives. This principle and practice, inter alia, is what the incumbent is bent on violating.

Don’t misunderstand me. Anybody can vote and be voted for. Anybody can contest and win any elective position. There is nothing wrong with that. But there is everything wrong with an incumbent overtly declaring his intention to impose a successor as next Imo governor, thereby infringing on the blue chip principle and practice of democracy, which is electorate’s freedom of choice of candidates.

As I ponder on the megalomania and impunity in Imo State, I cannot but feel for the people of Imo State.
This whole episode is just horrifying like having a bad dream.

I make bold to say that Imolites can never again, make that mistake of choosing darkness over light.
This is not a case of the devil you know...
It is a choice between wisdom and folly!

All the effort at imposing a successor in 2019 smacks of a hidden but open agenda of securing a third term. Imo people must resist any such move in 2019. We need a fresh body, soul and spirit to arise and continue from where the present administration will stop with a resolve of righting all wrongs. There are thousands of very qualified great Imolites with very captivating leadership attributes that can provide more reasonable and responsible government and governance to Imo people. If Imo people keep deceptive and criminal politics aside, choosing one from among over a million eligible governorship candidates besides the one being imposed on us should not be a problem.

Congratulations Imolites on our victory in advance. There is HOPE in the horizon.
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