Nigeria...welcome to theatre of drama where election will cost N242, 000,000,000, Two hundred and Forty billion naira only to vote incompetent

Aren’t we sick and tired of the number of current and former officials in government breaks the law and walk free like nothing happened, spewing hypocritical garbage whilst simultaneously sucking up national treasury, welcome to theatre of drama where election will cost N242, 000,000,000, Two hundred and Forty billion naira only to vote incompetent leaders of people who earns N18, 000 monthly as minimum wage.

Having being recently made the headquarters of poverty thanks to our leaders, I am baffled. If someone breaks the law, isn’t there a price to pay? If we are to be a civilized nation, we have to obey the laws. If we don’t there are consequences to be paid. All we ever wanted is an economy designed to ensure that government live up to its responsibility so basic human need is meet. This ultimately leads to low crime rate and youth restiveness.

But instead all we get is different episodes of drama, with plots of strife and sorrow, a nation blessed of numerous resources, despite abundant natural resources, the country continued to lag behind in terms of prosperity, Poor roads, lack of railroads, inconsistent policies and inaccessibility drove foreign investors away. Without a natural disaster its people die of hunger and dwindle in abject poverty like the fishes drown and die of thirst in the river… Do you know that Nigeria still has about 10.5million children out-of-school? The highest in the world according to UNICEF. A country where it is a known fact politicians pay for votes but we can all pretend the ballot box is a true reflection of what the people want.

Billions of money looted are being recovered they claimed! but has been in thin air, we can only hear about it, we don’t know where it’s going just like the allocations, yet we keep piling up debts from international bodies. Every level of government and sectors has been inflicted and nourished with corruption which is now defined as almost legit by association with a ruling political party. Membership to a ruling party sanctifies one off corruption regardless of the level of looting but distance from a ruling party means great consequences.

These hoax, lying, conniving, duplicitous wastrel rulers, going by the trend of their political parade which is dividing people, creating hatred, negativity and changing our political landscape for the worse shows up when their regime is almost over, spewing all sort of lies, things they should have given the people, things they never noticed when they got into power just to deceive the masses to get back into power and only to leave us in mired in dire mediocrity.

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It will definitely take us a while to claw back up in this age where almost every youth are after fast & illegal riches, taking shortcuts to success, they are moulding us to be exactly like them. Before, it was a no job for the poor, uneducated, less privilege; but, today, among those currently in court for theft are Elites, people with real titles of Honourables, Professors, Reverends, Imams, Doctors, Kings, Judges, Graduates and Bishops.

The revolution is about to start, the masses should not be distracted by the “Game of Defection” going on in the Political Scene, its all part of the plan, that has always been the plan, after spending most of their political lives under the umbrella party they joined another party, same old people with a different name blaming those with the umbrella for all our calamities neglecting they played a major role. They are defecting again telling us they have rebranded the umbrella Shameless old wagons!

We can’t continue to pull in our heads like turtles and pretend we don’t care, that we will survive regardless of the calamities our leaders turn this great nation into, I don’t believe that we are surviving very well or will survive in the future if we do not rise up, en masse, and protest justly at every opportunity we have of insensitive abuse of power.

It is happening! A better Nigeria, It is time to stop them in their tracks and give our nation a chance to heal. The mindsets on the social media platforms are positive but elections are not won on social media so we need to bring the same energy to the streets, the market place, ghetto, motor parks to inform the uninformed, bridging the information gap, sensitizing, orientating and teaching them as free thinking humans, we have the capability to discern what we believe is “right” and what is “wrong” with every action we take, there are consequences, good and bad.
We can make the nation great by being civil, we all have the responsibility of not just voting the right candidates but also making sure every aspect of the society functions properly and it is paramount for us to remain united, that is our strength regardless of our societal status, religion or tribe, the goal is to remain united, honest and make sure the voice of the voiceless is heard for the great course

Its all on us that our own society performs well and stick to the basic principles of a thriving society. We should not forget how many people have sacrificed their lives for the course. For sure there will be traitors, for we have seen beauty in people that were called ugly and we have demons in the most angelic faces but we have to be hopeful, the future of the country depends on the people and the representatives we elect.

Of course the old wagon politicians will lure us with funds like they have always done with empty promises, accept their gifts but make sure you do the right thing by electing people who have the knowledge of how you lived in your boys quarter, people who understand the struggle of getting a job, difficulties we face on our dilapidated roads, the commotions encountered getting a bus to your destinations, why your take home makes you feel irresponsible as it struggles with your children school fees and how much you would have saved if power supplies were to be consistently available and much more.

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Christian Alert Group, Nigeria Rise Initiative in conjunction with Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders fighting Injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society of Nigeria for a Better Nigeria come 2019.
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