The carnage and seeming ethnic cleansing that has been taking place across the north central states is a matter that should trouble every good conscience. No single month passes by without stories of attacks, killings and reprisals. The most recent is the killing of 86 tribesmen of Barkin Ladi LGA of plateau state, with some sources putting the figure to more than 100. Some local sources say that some family members are missing and in some cases, an entire family was wiped out leaving no trace of the actual number of the dead.

Plateau state is hemorrhaging and the security forces either seem incapacitated or complicit in the killings. One can make this speculation given the rise in these killings despite having a military which is rated as the fourth in both sophistication and size in Africa. Human life has been reduced to nothing, or as some commentators put it, is now being equalled to that of COWS! 

The local media must divest itself of partisan mentality which clouds their reportage on this festering carnage, and show the world how the inaction of security forces has turned plateau into a grave yard of sorts and left the unburied for vultures and other scavengers. The sight is most horrible!

Nigeria cannot survive a Rwandan like carnage. It is either we rise, speak and act to prevent it, or it consumes us all when it comes. I pray it doesn't come. The Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, is the highest mass slaughter of a people since the Nazi Holocaust during the second world war. As Meredith put it: "Some Tutsi fathers on facing the prospects of slaughter, threw their newborns into the river in a last gesture of love", preferring crocodiles to eat them up to watching them being slaughtered or dismembered by the rampaging Hutu militias. That was the level it got to in Rwanda. Today in plateau and some other middle belt states, families stand and watch their members being slaughtered by ethnic militias and all we do is condole with the families, always.

Something MUST be done to stop this carnage. These vultures must be sent back to the forest!

Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders fighting Injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society of Nigeria for a Better Nigeria come 2019.

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 *The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi*
Chairman, Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ), Imo State Chapter.
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