Social justice issues are major in Nigeria today and students are to take a stand against it.

Kenneth Obi for CRJ
As part of the effort to promote righteousness and raise anti-corruption crusaders in Nigeria, Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice club will soon be formed in all public secondary schools in Imo State. This is following the approval of their request to form the said club by the Executive Secretary of Imo State Secondary Education Management Board.

The CRJ Social Justice club is the brainchild of the Imo State chapter of the Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice, the people's Bishop, Rotarian Kenneth Obi. According to the cleric "Social justice issues are major in Nigeria today and students are to take a stand against it." The Social Justice Club’s mission is to inspire, educate, empower secondary school students and prepare them for future careers in social advocacy. Part of being in CRJ Social Justice club is promoting awarenesses of social justice issues and fighting against corruption in Nigeria.

The CRJ Social Justice Club is not only a club, but a place where students can go to discuss their opinion on social justice issues. They will do so at designated days and will also be attending workshops out of school at other times. Members of CRJ Social Justice Club shall be known as "ADVOCATES" and shall have many goals and tasks as a group and participate in as many learning opportunities as possible. They shall involve themselves in the community and learn about the world and what is currently happening in today's society. The clubs main intention is to focus on social justice issues and fight against corruption in Nigeria.

Again, the Imo State Chairman of CRJ, Bishop Obi said, “Students for Social Justice is a group that aims to promote awareness of social justice issues and discuss certain social justice movements that are happening in the world. They shall also participate in direct action events where they will attend rallies, protests or hold workshops with other schools in Nigeria to create a strong central movement in the social justice world. Doing so will create many relationships that will be formed off of discussion and talking to one another about issues in Nigeria.

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The club when formed, will teach new ways to look at problems and events not only happening in the Nigeria, but all around the world. The students will discuss large issues and give their opinion on the subject, free of judgement from others. The discussion setting will open a pathway for new valid opinions to be presented while allowing them to see it through someone else’s eyes. That way, New Nigerians will be nurtured to carry the torch of hope and inspiration for our great country Nigeria.

Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders fighting Injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society of Nigeria for a Better Nigeria come 2019.

For more information: 08038276188, 08033376734, 08038754069 & 07034463316. USA contacts: 6787487829 & 2149005848.

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