Two-headed snake is being trained by a New Orleans family after its discovery in a backyard

Two-head Snake discovered in a garden

Mystery and Miracle work hand in hand. But there are some miracles that are not noticed by human. Day and night changing miracles.

Just as some pastors perform some dangerous miracles, there are also some real miracle you can witness as if you are dreaming.

Some creatures come in different forms and shapes. Anything that looks abnormal in the eyes of religious fanatics is regarded as miracles. But scientifically, if a creature looks abnormal is may be traced to 
genetic deformity or formation disorder. 

A rare two-headed snake is being trained by a New Orleans family after its discovery in a backyard.

SWNS reports that wildlife educator Tanee Janusz, 39, adopted the western rat snake when a fellow member of her naturalist society found it in his garden.

The foot-long reptile, which is 10 months old, has two heads as a result of a genetic deformity affecting just one in 10,000 births. The animal has two brains but a single respiratory system, digestive tract and body, according to SWNS.

Named FilĂ© and Gumbo by Janusz, the heads reportedly have different personalities. Gumbo is the dominant side although both heads are described as “feisty” and often end up wrestling after trying to go in opposite directions.

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Janusz is now touring schools, libraries and scout groups educating people about the rare animal.

The nonvenomous snake feeds on frozen mice.

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