$1 billion dollars translates to 365 billion naira everyday, for 365 days. That is - 1 billion naira a day!
Oh my God, that's huge!
365 billion naira just to buy arms and ammunition to fight Boko Haram only? Killer herdsmen are not included ooo!!! Maybe, half of that amount will soon be approved to fight killer herdsmen!

And sadly, this humongous amount was not appropriated by the National Assembly, which judging by the provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended, has the power of appropriation.
And why is this money released less that a year to the 2019 elections? Does it not look like what happened under former President Jonathan? What happened to those military equipment procured under Jonathan? Have those guns, aircrafts, tanks expired?

There are so many WRONGS about the timing, the amount and the manner by which it was approved:
First, the approval of the funds is unconstitutional.

Second, the amount is huge for the kind of warfare our military have been prosecuting. If we are spending this much for a guerrilla warfare; an internal warfare where the enemies are also Nigerians, how much then, can we spend if it were a conventional war, say between Nigeria and Cameroon?

Third, arms purchase should not be done in any year preceding election. It raises suspicion and obvious questions about the real motive behind it. Everyone knows that elections in Nigeria, especially the Presidential election is a billion dollar project.

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Four, is the war against insurgency all about arms? Because that's what we always hear about in the media. What about the welfare of the men fighting the war? How much have been approved for widows and children of fallen soldiers? The last time I heard something like that, was when the Army Chief gave 10 widows 5 million! Each of them got 500,000. Imagine, only 500,000! Women whose husbands were killed in battle and are left helpless with their children. All they got was 500k as compensation.

I thought this Administration was fighting Corruption? I thought it promised to kill Corruption? I thought it promised to improve the economy and make 1 naira to equal 1 dollar?
So what is really happening?

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