As we speak, the Senate has refused to confirm Magu's appointment, yet he continues to head the EFCC as Acting Chairman. Daura who wrote the letter countering the Presidential nomination still remains at the head of the DSS

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The last few days have been characterized by the totally needless exchanges between the Senate and the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris.

The kernel of the matter is that the Police Chief refused to personally honor the invitation of the Senate to appear before it about the Security of Nigeria and brief them  on the matter involving one of them, Senator Dino Melaye who is currently facing criminal charges and is currently in hospital. On each of the days he was billed to appear, the IGP sent a representative, namely, a Deputy Inspector General of Police but the Senators bluntly refused to attend to them insisting that the boss must appear in person.
This unnecessary show is a clear indication of lack of cohesion in present government. The truth is that, if the present government is  organized, these things won't happen or at least won't be allowed to escalate to this level. They would have been resolved the matter.

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Yesterday, the Senate released a statement wherein it lambasted the IGP and described him as an enemy of democracy and unfit to hold any public office either in Nigeria or elsewhere. In response, the Nigeria Police released their own statement last night dismissing the Senate's position describing it as a witch hunt. This is the abysmal level the serious business of leadership at the highest level has been reduced to in our country.

What we are witnessing is not new. Similar thing has happened before. Sometime ago, President Buhari forwarded the name of Ibrahim Magu to the Senate for confirmation as Executive Chairman of the EFCC. Just before the Senate commenced the confirmation hearings, a letter was written to the Senate by the Director General of the DSS, Mamman Daura informing them that Magu is unfit to hold such office on account of pending national security issues involving him.
I was shocked then. How can the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria nominate a person for an appointment and another appointee of the President sends a letter blocking the appointment?
Does it mean that the President did not get all required security reports and briefings on such person before sending the name to the Senate?

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As we speak, the Senate has refused to confirm Magu's appointment, yet he continues to head the EFCC as Acting Chairman. Daura who wrote the letter countering the Presidential nomination still remains at the head of the DSS. There is no evidence that Daura has ever been reprimanded for embarrassing the President by openly standing against an official nomination made by the President.

Some months back, in the heat of the Benue crisis, the President ordered the IGP to relocate to Benue to help coordinate security there. The IGP went there and left after the first day.
Buhari openly confessed that he didn't know that the IGP left the state in defiance to his orders. Till today, the IGP remains in office.
The current standoff between the Senate and the Police Chief is coming just a few days after the President met with the leadership of the National Assembly over the issues. One would have expected that such meetings would have provided an opportunity to resolve the issue inhouse, especially since all the parties are from the same party.

As we speak, the 2018 federal budget is yet to be passed into law after several months. This is a budget submitted by Federal Executive to a National Assembly with members of the ruling party in the majority.
In the last few days, happenings at the ward congresses of the ruling party across the country is to say the least shameful. Party politics in Nigeria is built and thrives on confusion with no respect for constituted authorities even in its own internal workings.
Political parties are very critical to the development of our democracy. A good and strong party with established internal workings is vital for our growth as a nation. Any party that lacks stability and the members cannot conduct themselves well in the interest of our nation has no business being in power.

By their conduct and total lack of coordination, even in normal routine issues, the government of the day has shown a total lack of capacity to lead and this is indeed very regrettable.

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