the problem of Nigeria is not the agitation of any ethnic group but the unity of the elite and the disunity of the masses.

Kenneth Obi for CRJ

Have you ever paused and wondered why the same names who had ruled Nigeria some years back are still ruling us today in spite of our agitation? The answer to this question can be found in a statement credited to the Noble Laureate, Professor Whole Soyinka. According to him, the problem of Nigeria is not the agitation of any ethnic group but the unity of the elite and the disunity of the masses.

All the political class love themselves. They are united. A strong bond exist among governors, Presidents (past and present), high public officials and every looter of public fund. Why then do persistent hatred and bitterness abide among the masses of the Nigerian society?

The elites use political parties to deceive us, pretending to be fighting themselves, while in actual sense, they are not. The exploit the disunity, hatred and bitterness which exist among the masses to their disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the gullible masses who have been blindfolded by the antics of the political class fail to see that they are being manipulated. The masses serve as tools to create all manner of anarchy and division across Nigeria. The desire of the so-called political class is for the masses to sacrifice their lives, while they sit in Jupiter safely removed from harm and waiting to make gain later.

I want the masses of Nigeria to know that in the event of any war, the rich man who use them as "Agboros, Alaiyes and Almajiris", to cause mayhem, would defend themselves since that have the resources to fly abroad where their children are currently schooling, leaving the poor masses.

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How long shall the masses of Nigeria remain bottled up as a result of disunity? It is high time Nigerian masses rise up and speak with one voice. The poor of all ethic groups in Nigeria has everything in common so as the rich. The mood of Nigerian masses (east, west, north and south) at the present is the same: that of gloom, lamentation and resentment as hunger seem to have pervaded everywhere in the country.

With Transparency International (IT) and EFCC exposing the corruption in Nigeria and the billions of naira stolen by our politicians who deceive us into believing we are together, it is time for the masses to rise up and get united to change the status quo. They should not allow the united elites to divide them anymore with either religion or politics.

The so-called elites are the problem of Nigeria. They love to see the masses in disunity so as to exploit them to their own selfish advantage. At the end of the day, the masses become the only losers in the manipulative game.

Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) therefore call on the masses of Nigeria to unite in one cause and take their destiny in their own hands, but must not resort to violence. If they are not under political enchantment, then the masses should allow their collective anger to begin to galvanize them into a united force to fight corruption and injustice in Nigeria.

We should remember that we now have a new South Africa, Libya, Liberia to mention but a few, because the masses of those countries decided to get united against the old corrupt order. If Nigerian masses do not get united now, they shall continue to experience lack in the midst of plenty.
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