To our youths, you should learn to think and come up with ideas and projects, and proposals that will challenge potential benefactors to

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Fellow Nigerians,

I start with a deserved congratulation to all of us who the almighty have spared to see another democracy Day. I have never been a pessimism preacher, or a celebrant of hopelessness. Because I have always believed that hope is cheaper, easier, and better than despair. In the face of seeming gloom and loss of confidence in our leadership, my belief and confidence in a Nigerian renaissance is anchored on the vision and mission of the Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) which is to promote Righteousness, Social Justice and raise Anti- corruption Crusaders for a better Nigeria.

To my fellow clergymen, let us speak the truth at all times, promote righteousness, and pray for the peace of Nigeria.

To my fellow activists, let us continue to be the voice of the voiceless and defenders of the rights of the Nigerian masses.

To our politicians, you understand how low your trust value is in the eyes of the populace but the truth remains that no matter how low you have been despised, you can re-earn trust through simple initiatives that touches the lives of the common man. If you can learn: to know that there is no guarantee to stored riches, but there is instant gratification in setting up someone to become something in life – especially those who cannot go back.

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To our youths, you should learn to think and come up with ideas and projects, and proposals that will challenge potential benefactors to go the extra mile to assist. I may also add here that you should learn to start small and grow gradually.

I challenge you to put platforms like YouTube and Google to better use by watching and searching out knowledge building content and information; especially those that can equip you with a skill or ignite the spark of a profitable idea. Always remember that you will be one of the millions who are seeking money for rent, to feed, to pay school fees, and more. But you could be one of the few that can generate ideas that will solve problems; and you may become rich on that idea.

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On security, I have said it again and again that for all the things we could do in politics, we should not politicize the death of fellow human beings. If our security leadership cannot solve the problems, there should be the courage and will power to engage fresh minds.

Our economy is witnessing a resurgence that makes newspaper headlines but does not increase employment, food, or housing lines. One thing I know about Nigerians is that we were never a people that depended on what government will or will not do, to hustle out our survival ourselves. That is why it becomes discouraging when the consensus seems that government seems to now have become a hindrance to establishing and running successful businesses. The government policies should have a more human face. There is no law that says we cannot make economic progress that does not impoverish a majority of our citizens.

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In conclusion, in this elections season, I call on all political gladiators to learn from those who we copied our democracy from: to know like Obama did with Hillary, that your most aggressive opponent during the primaries could become your chief diplomat, and that your administration and people will be better for it. And to have at the back of our mind that we will determine the destinies of generations unborn by our conducts in this elections; to compete with dignity, to concede defeat when we lose, to be gracious in victory, and above all to know that Power comes from God alone.

Finally, my prayer is that after these elections, Nigeria will become a better place for all of us.

Nigerian Level of corruption

Congratulations fellow Nigerians, as we celebrate our democracy day. God bless Nigeria.

Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders fighting Injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society of Nigeria for a Better Nigeria come 2019.
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