While there’s a dying need for power to change hands from the clueless bunch of oldies we have in power currently,

Kenneth Obi

Recently there have been outcries about the need for youths to take over the mantle of power in the country. While I belive the time is ripe for such to happen as the older generation has seemingly failed us, I believe there’s a need for us to not just support the rhetoric for the sake of just doing so. What we have currently is a failed country and for every movement started now, we need to ensure that we do not deviate from the obvious goal – to save Nigeria from this state of quagmire and unending history.

While there’s a dying need for power to change hands from the clueless bunch of oldies we have in power currently, we need to define and specify who the power to be taken is to given to. One of our major problems in this country is that we love to move with the tide without minding where the water is taking us to. We make choices based on sentiments rather than reasons.

In essence, what I am saying is that we need to be cautious and tread softly as we move to redirect the future of our dear nation. We must tackle our problems head on and not just do it because we want to remove the “oldies” from power. We must avoid riding just anyone to power because such person flies the “youth flag.” We need to make sure we select only the best among us and avoid repeating the same costly mistakes the ‘old generation’ made and have continued making with our support.

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I have listened to a lot of young people speak and found out that most had little or no understanding of what the nation’s problems are not to talk of the solutions needed. More worrisome is the fact that a lot of our “youths currently partaking in politics” seem to be more concerned about getting “sentimental support” and riding to power rather than really solving the leadership crises the nation has been battling with. In fact, it could be said that many of the so-called youth leaders are not morally, psychological and intellectually worthy to lead the much anticipated youth revolution in the country.

There’s no denying that Nigeria is blessed with multitude of exceptionally brilliant young minds, however we need to take caution in ensuring that we do not mix the “wheat with the chaff”. Nigeria badly needs us to stand up for her but more importantly she needs us to be highly cautious about the set of individuals we select to deliver her.

God Bless Nigeria!

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