Former President Obasanjo in his letter , in my view, has told President Buhari the TRUTH and this is very commendable

The People's Bishop Kenneth Obi  CRSJ

Former President Obasanjo in his letter , in my view, has told President Buhari the TRUTH and this is very commendable. It's now entirely up to President Buhari and his supporters to accept or reject this open truth, but truth is truth whether it is accepted or not. We have to move forward, we can't continue this way.

What we have on our hands are those who are expected to offer leadership but who are not. We have people who occupy offices but are not interested in the welfare of the people. They are not interested in offering good governance to arrest the crisis in our country.

We need leaders who are ready to take the country to a higher level. We need leaders who are ready to harness the resources, both human and material, that God has given to us as a nation. As we talk today, there are millions of Nigerians who go to bed hungry, people whose children are out of school. Nigerians cannot afford to continue to recycle people who have been tested and failed.

Nigeria needs a clear departure from what we have known so far. And that will include former President Olusegun Obasanjo himself. Nigerians are now recognizing that they cannot continue to elect the people with a proven lack of interest in the common good and expect that the country would move forward.

What we have seen so far with both of these two frontline parties, including those in the National Assembly, is about personal interest or interest of some particular groups. People need to use the power they have to ensure that they choose the right people come 2019. 

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Personally, I do not wish to see anybody who has been in any position of government before. I don’t want to see them again. I don’t want to see anybody coming to play godfather for us. Let us as a people think and reflect on what will bring us good. 

God Bless Nigeria. I see a Better Nigeria.

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