Reason and justice (for which Nigeria is not known) demand that if we cannot bring these official scoundrels to justice while they are around

Kenneth Obi for CRSJ 1knews

This is the concluding part of this article centered on the need to write Nigeria's history with mention of the monumental theft by its public officials and politicians.

Nigeria is what it is today because Nigerian peoples have always patiently looked on and in some instances looked away while a group of people, who call themselves leaders shamelessly set themselves to destroy the country.

And these rulers sometimes marvel at the pliability and timidity of Nigerians. They now believe that they can say or do anything and get away with it. And they do get away with it! One military dictator, after he had assiduously looted and corrupted the economy of our country, famously said he was surprised that the economy of the country had not collapsed.! And this was under his watch!

Reason and justice (for which Nigeria is not known) demand that if we cannot bring these official scoundrels to justice while they are around, we should ensure that history exposes them for the crooks they were while active in service to the nation.

Unfortunately, Nigerians who engage in writing the political history of this country and its different actors whitewash these thieving officials either while in power or outside power for diverse reasons that vary from religious affiliation through ethnic bigotry or outright intellectual laziness. They invariably invent “respectable” epithets like “Uncle”, “Pa”, “Mama”, “Elder Statesman” for them even when they have been indicted or convicted of crimes against the people of Nigeria. 

These writers who seek to make heroes of villains are as guilty as those they whitewash. They are corrupt manipulators of Nigerian history and history will be more unkind to them than to the thieving officials. They, with their pen, represent poison for the future of this country.

Thankfully, online existence of daily news of crimes committed against our nation and the availability of search engines have changed the game. In 20 or 50 or more years, we can have detailed pieces of history of malfeasance of each of our thieves. If they escape justice, their future generations will not escape the shame.

 And the time will come in this nation when the sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons….and daughters.

The people's Bishop Kenneth Obi As I ponder on one of the write-ups posted here by someone about Africa having too many churches but no morality, I remembered what a senior Army Officer told me when I called on him at Army Barracks Obinze. As I began to talk to him about the Immorality and Corruption in Nigeria, he quickly agreed that Nigeria is out of Righteousness. 

Then he gave me a shocker "by saying even the church." As a clergyman, that was really a sucker punch. With those words of the Army Officer in mind, I tend to ask: where is our Religiosity? What do we learn from the messages of our Pastors and Imams? Look at the worship places; majority of Nigerians mark the worship attendance register either on Friday or Sunday, yet Nigeria represents a textbook case of what a country endowed with so much should not be.

 Evidently, Nigerians both high and low are in permanent disconnect with the tenets of their religion. Expectedly, the Religious Republic of Nigeria is more Dysfunctional and Underdeveloped than any godless nation. This is really a Big challenge to CAN, PFN and other religious bodies in Nigeria. We are not doing enough as expected of us. 

The church is indeed out of Righteousness. It is high time we stand up to arrest the Immorality in our Society by showing good example. Avarice and Greed which has taken the place of the true gospel, should be uprooted. Let church leaders practice what they preach.

 If they do, Nigeria will be more advanced than the so-called developed Nations, considered to have the highest number of Atheists. Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice is the Best way to Go. Raising Anti Corruption Crusaders, fighting injustices in a Violent and Immoral Society
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