How you can be a billionaire with Bitcoin, TBC and Get 50,00 kringle,cash free and More on cryptocurrency TBC, Bitcoin, blochchain

All you need to know about, TBC and bitcoin  part 2. Please ensure that you read part 1 before this part 2


How you can be a billionaire with Bitcoin, TBC and Get 50,00 kringle,cash free and More on cryptocurrency TBC,  Bitcoin, blochchain.

Note: This is not an MMM so donot be scared. Unlike MMM where you pledge money, here you give only your link like benzems link.

Lets continue. Is time now to open our billion, billion account
1. we go back to our email inbox and check this.

2. We click and go to next step

3. You register and go to the next step.

4. Go to your inbox and activate you billions

5. Click the arrow for activation

6. Update your profile and go to Mining. Ensure you add your facebook URL.

7.  Go back to your tbc account and copy your wallet and paste at TBC Wallet. 
You have just linked your, tbc, billioncoin account together.

You have created your billioncoin account know as Bitcoin
Before we move on lets get another advice from proTbcian

A Word for the Fiat Testers​

​You need to do the following:​
1) Enter your kringle back office and update your profile immediately now. 
2) In the option for picture make sure you upload one of your pictures.
3) In the option of how you want to operate in the community choose option 3 which says you will follow instructions provided in this website and Brian's updates.
4) Supply your Facebook address and any other social network you belong to.
5) Make sure you follow instructions on how to promote TBC as provided in Brian's update.
6) Be ready to follow instructions as shall be provided later through your email.
If you do this by God's grace there will no need to replace you and the testing will be completed in no time. 
Less I forget make sure your International Passport or Nationally acceptable Identity card is ready and available. Wishing you all a happy Fiat testing..

When I was doing my Service some teachers will dash in class to drop info obstructing the stream of learning!

Let's register our blockchain for more cash. 
1. Go to and follow the instructions below.

2. Signup for your blockchain wallet. Then go to the next step.

3. Return to your email and activate your blckchain account. 
Note this particular account is always signed in from your message inbox by clicking arrow 2 direction.

Guy you just earn 50,000 kringle donot forget to send me some.

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