In Ultimatecycler you pay $25 to earn $100 but in PaYonner you refer just one person and earn $25.

The difference between Ultimatecycler and Payoneer.

Ultimatecycler just like MMM is a type of network business that connects people together on the interest of profit making. While Payoneer is also a network type of business where you get $25 for just to refer a person. Unlike Ultimatecycler where yo pay #12,500 to receive #50,000 in 7 days, Payoneer after sign up you can ask somebody to use your link and transfer money and you get paid. For instance, a person can use your Payonner link to transfer your Ultimatecycler money.

When you register PaYoneer you get free Mastercard to be used any where.

How to Register Ultimatecycler

As a new member let me show you the full details on how to register on ultimatecycler
Step 1
Click here,

or Here Sign Up ultimatecycler
Then it will take you to the image below where you click Join now.

Step 2 
Once you click Join Now an image will popup, where you will feel Your name, email address, Phone number, Username and carrier. Check the image below.And ensure you click/check agree box.

Step 3

After the above basic information, is time to fill other information. Pay particular attention to the main details. Just follow the image below. You must add your primary email, address, Country, code, city etc. 

Step 4
Addition of you bank account information. This is one of the necessary information that people don't know. At this stage just check the down the page  of your profile and something like edit words show. That is where you add your account number, account name, and your bank name. As indicated in the diagram below.

You have just created Ultimatecycler account.
Get your money ready because you because you have to pay within 48 hours or get the account deleted.

The account you created will look like this picture below;

The image indicates that is only after your payment that you can get access to the website. Again it shown the person you will make payment to just as the image below describe it

The image also indicates where to click to contact the administrator if the person you pay refuse to confirm you payment.

As soon as the person you pay confirms your payment. At this stage your dashboard will change to this image below:

As you can see the picture above your dashboard is now active and your link has shown. Just copy you link this way and give to people so that they can sign under you.
From time to time login check your earnings here

If somebody has been assigned to pay you. Once you confirm the payment, then click received button.

How Ultimatecycler works

Register with 12,500 and get 50,000
Get 2 people and get paid 50k in 1week
Get 4 people and be paid 50k as soon as possible
Get nobody and get paid 50k in 9-10days..


Payoneer just as I described above is easy to use and make money.

How to register on PaYoneer

Step 1
Click here
or here>>> Sign Up for PaYoneer
After sign up you will get access to your dashboard. Just click according to the image down to get your link. This link can be shared on all your social media; facebook, twitter, google allo, wechat, imo, instagram, whatsapp etc.

How PaYoneer works

Once you register you are automatically an  active Payoneer users with a USD balance which can participate in the Refer A Friend Program. Please note that you can refer only new users.

You can refer as many friends as you want! You will earn a $25 reward for each friend you refer that signs up to Payoneer and receives at least $100 (or the equivalent in other currency) in payments. Please review our Terms & Conditions for additional details.

How do I get started with Refer A Friend?

    Log in to your Payoneer Account.
    From the main menu, go to Activity --> Refer A Friend.
    Share your referral link using the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or with an email message. You can also copy and paste your personal referral link directly into a message or post it on a website, blog post, or landing page.

When your friends receive your referral link and click on it, they will be redirected to the Payoneer sign up page. Once they have signed up and received at least $100 in payments to their card or account, you have successfully generated a referral.  Both you and your friend will receive your $25 rewards within three months. 

Please note that your friends must use the link that you specifically provided them so we can associate them with your referral.

Your friends need to receive payments from Payoneer partners, by using the Global Payment Service or via the Billing Service.

Checking the status of your referrals is easy!

    Log in to your Payoneer Account.
    From the main menu, go to Activity --> Refer A Friend.
    Click See Your Share Stats.

    The dashboard will display the following details:

        Shares - this is the total number of referrals that you have shared via all available methods. Below the circle is a breakdown of the total number, categorized according to referral method.
Sign Up for Ultimatecycler & Payoneer now to enjoy with others. The train is about leaving!
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