When I wrote an article on the truth behind MMM many people called me an enemy of MMM but today the same people are asking me about what happened to MMM.

MMM frozen for festivities holiday and the reaction that follows. When I wrote an article a truth behind MMM I got a lot of negative comments asking me not to condemn what is a lucrative network business in Nigerian. Some even told me that MMM has come to help Nigerian out of recession. I don't know how truth is this but let me use Dom Helder Camara quote on the poor and food to summaries my issue with MMM.

MMM crashes

Dom Helder Camara, a Brazilian archbishop says
"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." Why?

When I wrote an article on the truth behind MMM many people called me an enemy of MMM but today the same people are asking me about what happened to MMM. In my last article I made it clear that MMM don't pay during Christmas holidays. You can recall that in China December 2015 that MMM stop paying any form of payment or help but unfortunately MMM crashed finally in January 2106 in China. Please here am not saying that MMM will collapse in Nigeria in January 2017! Am just following the MMM histories and activities. You can find out yourself that MMM began operation in April 2015 in China, refuse to pay in December 2015 and crashed in January 24, 2106 in China.

People react as MMM frozen accounts

Before we go on let discuss how MMM operates. 
Mr A pays some amount of money may be to the MMM.
MMM ask Mr B to pay Mr A the same money Mr A pay to MMM + 30% interest.
Mr B is expecting Mr C to pay him with 30% interest.
Mr C will collect from Mr D with 30% interest.
Mr D will expect another Mr E to pay him with 30% interest.
Question here is if Mr F refuse to pay Mr E what will happen?
Magrov growers you can supply us with the answer.

As fear and tear go down peoples spine let bring some reaction of the people interviewed by our crew. The ikTV entered the street to hear from people. It gathered that some people who borrowed money to top up MMM are living with HPP.

Janet (she collects daily contribution) says "my problem is that I used #600,000 to download hoping to get 50% interest. Now that MMM has crashed what will I do? The money is peoples' money and they suppose to collect their money this Christmas, What am I going to do? The major problem is that I don't even have access to the main cash to more of the interest".

Samson (A trader) says, "I put #300,000 which I want use to finish my house. Though I downloaded since September. I just left the money so that it will grow higher now that both the money and interest gone. I will not travel for Christmas because my house is still under construction. And I cannot be seeing my unfinished building simple because of MMM. I hope they will return January as promised".

Promise ( a banker) says, "MMM may cause me my job. I collected #2.5m from bank and used it for MMM. If the scheme crashes as speculated what will be my fate. Nobody is aware of this and how can I pay this money back. Let them give me back the money and forget the interest".

There are more complains and lamenting but all we are saying is that the timing of frozen is too short. The awareness given was not enough and we hope that MMM should not crash. As fears, tears and reactions continue to circulate  we promise to bring you more.  
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