Lindikeji blog and google adsense blogs is nothing but traffic, no pages, no clear navigation. They will never teach you how to write a standard blog post.

Bloggers that you can't learn from

The introduction of blogspot by google just like social media brings an explosion of posting many information by bloggers. These articles include the good, the bad and the lie. The way blog is designed gives everybody that is willing the right not only to own a blog or website but also to contribute to the emerging internet data storage.
Just empty contents

One thing is common here, the writing of article either by you or freelancer suppose to be for the passion you have for your blog niche. What suppose to come to your mind before hitting publish button is the different which your article will make. Or do you just want to air your views. Are you just writing simply because you are opportune to own a blog being hosted by google just for free.

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What people think blogging is

Is quite alarming that when some people hear blog, the next thing that rings in their mind is nothing but money, money and money! Am not condemning making money with blog, but if only blog is all about making money as some people think then where is the passion and love for blogging. You feel you can post anything information without source of it just for traffic and money. Have a rethink because you can't fool and deceive everybody like googleadsenseblog and lindaikejiblog.

Do you want to blog, do you have intention of blogging,do you want to make blog your hubby or occupation? This is a nice idea but first think of what you are best at. Think of what you have passion for. Think what you are at the top of the game and what you can deliver at any moment. This is what bloggers called NICHE.  Your niche suppose to be different from mine unless you are writing on everyday life & events. Unless you want to be online news or magazine.

The worst most popular blog

When you think of doing something that already exit the next thing that comes to your mind is research. Like my friend PJ that will only answer any question with "google it". You will take your time and start checking other peoples' blog. As a new blogger the worst and most popular blog you will learn how to blog are lindaikeji blog and googleadsense blog. Why did I bring these two blogs here?
In Nigeria, the people that don't know the in-depth of blogging call Lindaikejiblog mother of all bloggers. This is a very big mistake because no single post in her blog that can pass Real-time Content Analysis
Webmasters sufficient content stipulates: at least 300 words and above, complete sentences, the use of H(s), the re-occurrence of the keyword in the article. meta description and conclusion. Navigation in the blog is also important. Visit lindakeji blog and see if you can get any of these. Her blog has pages but is not clickable.

Googleadsense blog: this is a blog that suppose to lead the way why others follow. Have you been a victim of google adsense rejection as a blogger? Is insufficient content and navigation part of the reason?. Is amazing that navigation include pages, categories, labels and internal with external links. Gogleadsense blog has no page, no category, no links. You can't navigate this blog. In this particular blog, one time it posted an article about mobile speed load introduction but funny enough it takes a mobile phone about 3-4 minutes to load a post on this blog. The two things these blogs have in common is lack of pages and categories.

The answer

In conclusion, are you a new blogger or adsense is rejecting you. If you want to be a standard blogger these kind of blogs should not come to your mind. Go online and check the latest award winning bloggers and blogs. Lindikeji and google adsense blogs is nothing but traffic. They will never teach you how to write a standard blog post.

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