'Donald Trump Enlists Ladies As A Disguise For His Misogyny': Gloria Steinem.

NEW YORK: As more allegations rise of Donald Trump's sexually savage conduct, the women's activist symbol and dissident Gloria Steinem attacked the Republican Presidential applicant.

In an elite meeting to NDTV, she said Trump's protection that he advances ladies in his association (and crusade) is "disguise" for his misogyny.

Defied by allegations of lewd behavior by a developing number of ladies, Trump told his supporters in North Carolina "she would not be my first", around a lady who blamed him for unseemly conduct.

Steinem told NDTV that Trump "is stating that he just rates ladies on their looks and he will just pester a (lady he rates) 10 on 10. All things considered, this person is never been a 1 himself. It's simply that entire thought that you are evaluated on your outside in light of the fact that you are female when he doesn't rate men that way is totally crazed."

Invalidating the Trump battle's charge that Bill Clinton additionally confronts lewd behavior charges, she said "I did my best to research every one of the cases (against Clinton). No one is against openly picked, shared sexual experiences of any sort and they were going to demolish our law. So I investigated the cases as much as I could and even Paula Jones for example, the lady from Arkansas (who has blamed Clinton for attacking her), under incredible weight from the conservative since they had taken her cause up. She said, well he (Clinton) said to me 'I wouldn't need you to do anything you would prefer not to do'".

In any case, when asked to clarify for what good reason Hillary Clinton is seen as disagreeable, she said, "In light of the fact that aspiration in ladies is reprehensible. There was a lady who was the PM of Australia who had similar experience. She was all around enjoyed till she needed to wind up PM and all of a sudden people went, 'who do you think you are?' The same is valid for Hillary. When she was the Main Woman, it was alright, yet when she needed to be congressperson, her stock dove. You know - how could you need to be a representative!"
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