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Minister Chris Oyakhilome's Ex Anita Remarries?

I don't know how genuine this is, however the source said she has even added another name to her names…

There are signs that Minister Chris Oyakhilome's ex, Minister Anita, has remarried. Day break To-Nightfall had on the October 3, 2016, did an article titled 'Anita Oyakhilome sparkles marriage bits of gossip'.

The report has it that Minister Anita presented "Schafer" to her original last name as she composed her most recent article 'A Basic Petition' as Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer. From all signs, Minister Anita has remarried. Here is the reason…

Minister Anita runs an online entry connected to her confirmed Facebook page where she composes articles on various subjects.

She affirms all remarks that are distributed on her site {see the screenshot}.

The affirmation of her marriage was uncovered in one of the endorsed remarks on Wednesday, twelfth October 2016 where the author Frau Glauben (who went to the function) said, "Congrats Minister Anita for your new name. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer as you start another section in your life as you have proceeded onward to the magnificence of God. Old things are passed away, view all things have turned out to be new.

It was such a delightful service. We are so energized for you and your family. We Cheer with you, Minister Anita Schafer. God favor you Mama." Aside from Glauben, there were two different remarks that demonstrated that Minister Anita has proceeded onward. It was assembled that Minister Anita had a peaceful wedding in September 2016.

Rather than the typical Anita Ebhodaghe that she utilizes, she was said to have presented herself on October 3, 2016, as Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer. Perused the as reported by beneath:

"Aside from Glauben, there were two different remarks that affirmed that Minister Anita has for sure proceeded onward! It was accumulated that Minister Anita had a calm wedding with an European man at some point in September 2016. Review in February 2016, a declaration total was proclaimed in the High Court of Equity Foremost Registry of the Family Division in the Unified Kingdom dissolving her marriage to Minister Chris Oyakhilome. Minister Anita and Minister Chris, who helped to establish Christ Government office, have between them two little girls." Congratulations to her!
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