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'My dad gave me a final offer to get married for the current year' 

Mmakamba is a princess from the southern parts of Nigeria and her dad is not upbeat about her single status. He has given her a final proposal to get hitched or confront genuine results.

"Dear Heartbeat,

My name is Mmakamba, a 38-year-old specialist situated in Lagos, however I am from the southern piece of Nigeria.

I have a five-year-old child I had for a German man and I can let you know he is the most vital thing that has ever transpired.

When I dated his dad, we knew we were not going to get hitched. Our own was a commonly helpful relationship and I should say I picked up a considerable measure from the issue.

I owe quite a bit of my business accomplishment to Karl, my child's dad and I don't trust I need to persuade wedded to be fruitful or give my kid the best.

I am doing exceptionally well and have two houses in Lagos and one in the place where I grew up. I don't miss marriage since I don't think there is anything a man can give me that I can't get all alone.

I have been through damnation in the hands of men that I have solidified my heart towards them and favor being all alone. I won't go into subtle elements of the torments I have experienced previously.

Be that as it may, they went far to helping me decide not to get hitched. In spite of the fact that a few people are of the view that it is just when you are hitched that you can have security and solace yet I am don't subscribe to that.

My lone issue now is that my dad who is a conventional ruler in my town has given me a final offer to get hitched before the current year's over or he would restrict me from getting back home or notwithstanding taking an interest in anything that needs to do with his family.

He has banned all my mom and kin from coming to me or tolerating anything from me.

I am profoundly harmed by my dad's activities and as much as I adore and regard him, I wish he will comprehend that it is not an unquestionable requirement for a lady to get hitched.

I have dependably obeyed him yet this time, I need to hold fast and let him know I can live without a man.


Dear perusers, on Morning Secret today, we need you to guidance Mmakamba on what she ought to do to dodge a squabble and family quarrel
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