A 50-year-old man in Honduras had his manhood slashed off after it got stuck for 4 days!

There is most likely a little rundown of spots where the penis can be embedded into, I don't know who has that rundown however I don't think a jug is on that rundown. A 50-year-old man in Honduras landed at a doctor's facility discovered the most difficult way possible when he touched base with a dark and rotting organ, as per a therapeutic staff.

Specialists at the healing facility needed to sever the man's penis after been stuck in a jug, he utilized as a satisfier toy for four days, reports Joseph Curtis for Mail Online.

Clearly, the man was utilizing the container to mitigate dissatisfaction as he neither has a spouse or sweetheart.

Dr. Dennis Chirinos, a urologist has depicted the case as bizarre however had seen comparative events some time recently. He additionally uncovered that taking after the operation, the man will never have the capacity to engage in sexual relations again yet he will have the capacity to urinate taking after his urethra been moved.2

It was likewise found that he didn't look for therapeutic consideration at first yet he needed to when he found that his penis had turned black.The man had endured putrefaction, a condition where cells in the body bite the dust.

Talking after the operation, Dr Chirinos said: 'We had a 50-year-old patient that, since he didn't have a sweetheart or a spouse, needed to calm his sexual disappointment.

'So he put his penis in a container and this brought on the passing and corruption of the penis.

'When he arrived four days after the fact we needed to remove the penis totally in light of the fact that it was totally dead.'

He included: 'When you put your manhood into a jug it causes a narrowing in the veins of the penis and inside four hours you can lose the penis.

'This is a humiliating crisis. The circumstance with this patient it that he didn't get the restorative consideration in time and this created the penis to start to rot and bite the dust totally.

'There was no decision yet to totally evacuate the penis.

'It wasn't only the case here that it had kicked the bucket, it had gone totally dark and had started to rot. The putrefaction was extremely serious.'

As per La Prensa, Dr Chirinos likewise cautioned men over penis cleanliness, expressing it ought to be cleaned three times each day to secure against diseases.
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