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KIM KARDASHIAN'S previous bodyguard has stood up since the truth star was burglarized at point on Sunday night, admitting to Great Morning England that the traumatic experience was "was an insider job"

The 35-year-old was purportedly left "asking for her life" as five outfitted men camouflaged as cops struck her private Parisian residency and stole "gems worth millions".

Addressing Wharfs Morgan and Susanna Reid, Steve Stanulis, 42, blamed the mother-of-two's security.

"As the certainties continue turning out, the more it's 100 percent an inside occupation," he focused. "They went to this selective spot, knew precisely where to go to discover adornments.

"Shockingly, they just had one of two security with them. Be that as it may, demonstrating adornments off on online networking, it's the ideal tempest to get victimized."

After Steve protected Pascale Duvier, the security monitor who hours before the traumatic episode Kim gloated was "a G", Docks swooped into close the visitor down.

Different question marks have been raised since it was accounted for Pascale was with different individuals from the Kardashian family, while Kim was allowed to sit unbothered in her room relaxing in gems worth an expected £13 million.

"He seems like the encapsulation of what a security watch shouldn't be," the 51-year-old, who has been exceptionally vocal about the burglary, seethed.

"They brag on online networking, he's been bragging since assault, and we watched him with that prankster in Paris and he didn't arrive. Knowing she's as of now been assaulted once, how might that constitute great security?"

Steve hit back: "He's working for the entire family so he doesn't be able to choose, 'I will be with Kim'. It wasn't his decision."

Unfortunately, Steve's words failed to receive any notice as the moderator intruded on: "the main issue is, in case you're head of security on remote soil in a city like Paris, she's a huge focus for any gigantic fan and stacked with costly gems - is there any valid reason why you wouldn't ensure somebody was outside the flat square?"
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