No light Use Kerosine

kerosine fuel, a vital cooking fuel, is back on the high side. A visit to petrol stations crosswise over Lagos state uncovered that Nigerians ought not hurl a murmur of alleviation yet as the costs have begun raising once more.

Here are on the spot report over the city:

*"I purchased a liter of lamp oil for N220 a week ago. I was stunned in light of the fact that it was just N165 the last time I got it. We don't have a decision than to continue purchasing. "

*"I sent my little girl to a close-by petrol station yesterday and she returned with one and only liter of lamp fuel. I gave her N300 to purchase two liters. I got it last N150. I wasn't expecting any augmentation, we have endured enough in this nation."

*" Perhaps I need to attempt kindling. I have a vast family, I can't purchase five liters of lamp fuel each week. My better half is a minister, all way of individuals go to our home day by day and we need to engage them. I can't whine. Lamp fuel is N220 per liter in my general vicinity".

Two or three weeks back, Nigerians were jubilating when a liter of lamp oil was sold between N150-N170 as against N250 per liter. Presently, it is on the ascent once more
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