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The former Chelsea striker, who denies any wrongdoing, is caught on camera negotiating a £55,000 fee to act for a company in the Far East, which proposed the idea of selling players to QPR.
Hasselbaink was made up for lost time in the Every day Transmit's "Football available to be purchased" embarrassment, which has shaken English football this week.

The Dutchman is affirmed to have arranged the charge to travel to the Far East and address speculators in what turned out to be an invented firm, which the daily paper says clarified it was keen on getting required in player exchanges.

In a selective meeting with Sky Sports News HQ, Hasselbaink denies he could ever try to benefit from a player exchange: "No, never. I have never been offered any cash and I could never engage that."

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At the point when asked whether he had laments, Hasselbaink said: "No doubt. No doubt. You know you reflect, you recall and you censure yourself and you should say, that I have been innocent. I have been guileless.

"Yet, then with everything with it, I have never requested cash for myself to take a player or to convey a player to the club. I could never do that.

"That is the excruciating thing about it. The agonizing thing about it is that I accept my position intense. Very, intense and I need to succeed around here.

 "I can't represent others, I can represent me and this, taking cash, is not what I remain for. It is not what I remain for, I have never done it and I could never do it just to get a player to the club so I can profit by that. No."

Hasselbaink demands he was just talking about being paid to talk in the Far East on a three day weekend from QPR – something that is authorized by a provision in his agreement with the club – and that he has no influence over exchanges, which are taken care of by Les Ferdinand and the QPR board.

He additionally dismisses the possibility that the proposed charge of £55,000 was excessively high for a minor talking engagement, clarifying that kind of figure is not extraordinary in football.

Hasselbaink said: "I comprehend for the English open, or whatever open, that £55,000 is a considerable measure of cash. What's more, it is a considerable measure of cash. In any case, in the business that I am in I am blessed that I can make those sorts of figures.

"I was arranging to go Singapore for a discourse. That is it. That is it. No partiality, no special requirements. What I could never at any point do. Never at any point do. I would not place myself in that position."
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