Peace Arrive Domain, Akute, Ogun State was a scene of repulsiveness yesterday, as a human skeleton, accepted to be that of a lady, was found in a minister's home.

As per onlookers, the stunning disclosure was made when the proprietor of the minister's home attempted to oust him from his level over late installment of lease.

"The minister did not pay his lease for a year. The landowner, who was irate with the circumstance of things, raged his home with a few people keeping in mind the end goal to expel him, however were stunned when they found a human skeleton inside," one of the sources uncovered.

Individuals in the area were pulled in to the scene while the matter was immediately answered to the police.

However the suspect, who possesses a congregation, was said to have made a few disclosures about the skeleton. He affirmed that it had a place with his sister. As per him, his folks had only three youngsters – himself and two sisters. He said he lived with them in the level.

In any case, for at some point now, one of the sisters named Funmi has not been seen once more.

At the point when individuals got some information about her, "he would say she went to the mountain," said the source.

She, be that as it may, purportedly kicked the bucket since 2010 and her body was deserted in the house.

From the position of the skeleton, it showed up the perished was stooping on the ground,

The Police have since captured the suspect.

As of late numerous suspects have been captured with skulls and other human parts in various parts of Ogun State including Abeokuta and Sango Ota.

Source: Thesunnewsonline
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