Let me show you how to prevent hackers off your facebook
Prevent your Facebook account

It is longer news that many people keep loosing their facebook account to hackers to report your account as impersonation. 
Just like Regina Daniels that somebody is hacking her facebook account and using it to do another business. Follow me as I explain it step by step.

Step 1

Change your password to numbers, alphabets and other characters

We are done with password changing, let move on.

Step 2

Here we are going to check security notifications in case somebody is trying to do something funny.

Step 3

Check who can send you friends request. From privacy to check it.

Step 4

Check notifications and mobile. You will receive text and type it in code area.

Step 5

The last is to check your Contact Info and hide you email.

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  1. I have to add here that you should always check your active session. If you notice any location or device then your facebook account is at risk!

  2. Thanks for the info

  3. Please my Facebook was blocked what do I do.

  4. Somebody is using my Facebook account in another country, What do I do.

  5. Am having trouble opening my Facebook it keeps asking me questions.

  6. If your facebook block
    get a valid ID card
    make a photocopy of it
    save in JPG format
    upload to facebook support centre
    when confirmed your ID
    your account will be back