Many people thought Buhari will be Messah. But things change from good to worse

It is no longer news in Nigeria as things change from bad to worse as APC took over Aso Rock
Let me remember Jonathan's warning
“The choice before Nigerians in the coming election is simple. It is a choice between going forward and backward, between the new ways and old ways, between freedom and repression, between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms and desperate power seekers with empty promises.”

Before Buhari...

And after Buhari 

See peoples reactions.

Idris Makama, "I am certain that baba Buhari implies well for this nation. Yes, there is enduring, doubtlessly, on the grounds that even in my business you can see that. The main issue Baba has is that he has permitted exceptionally insidious individuals who were once in the past in the PDP to close his eyes. In any case, on the off chance that you take a gander at the way he is capturing the individuals who stole our cash, you will realize that there is promise for this nation. I'm certain that things will make strides. Awful associates and previous PDP individuals in APC today are the issue, not Buhari. I anticipate that him will sack them and bring individuals who have the honest to goodness love of Nigerians." 

Shegun Akinola, "Look, Buhari did not go to class. There is no man with straightforward training that won't have the capacity to realize that you can't simply offer arrangements to your siblings and companions in a nation of 170 million individuals in 36 states. That is the reason he is not ready to comprehend basic exhortation on how the economy functions. He supposes everything is by drive. As a graduate, I have been living genuinely well in this pointing business, due to my area and on the grounds that individuals came here to thorn, as well as purchase scissors and aromas here. However, since these individuals came to power,

 I'm currently lamenting not having a formal occupation. Support has dropped severely, and my better half is concerned that we will most likely be unable to pay our lease this year. They say he is battling defilement. Give him a chance to battle hunger to begin with, let him give security as well. Give him a chance to stop choice in battling debasement, let him take care of the estimation of the Naira, occupations and so on. Regular costs of things keep going up and there is even no cash to get them. I'm exceptionally furious, sir."

 Hassana Awolu, "I don't care for discussing Baba Buhari, on the grounds that on the off chance that you are not cautious individuals will affront you at any rate. There was a day that I fought with my significant other and he nearly beat me up within the sight of the youngsters. He was one of the individuals who battled for Buhari, yet now he prefers not to hear that name. With respect to me, 

I adore Buhari. He is a legit man and he couldn't care less about the things of this world. We are enduring now in light of the fact that Goodluck Jonathan left such a variety of issues for this legit old man, and he didn't realize that the issue is this much. We ought to petition God for him and not mishandling and reviling him. Toward the starting we might endure, yet at last we should appreciate. I would prefer not to lose trust on him. Since, if Baba Buhari is not there, I don't see anybody that is adequate for this nation. The change will without a doubt come". 

Onyebuchi,"I ask sir, don't pose any question about that man. Is it true that you are not in this nation to see what is going on? Since my significant other kicked the bucket five years prior, this business of offering beverages has been nourishing me and my kids. I used to have five young ladies working here, aside from the lady who readies my pepper soup toward the evening and clears out. I paid every one of them, N10,000 consistently, aside from giving them transport cash. 

It was from this business that I finished the house which my significant other began before he passed on in 2014. Be that as it may, now I can scarcely pay two young ladies, and I need to prevent the lady from coming. I now set up the pepper soup myself. From offering around 50 containers of arranged beverages ordinary, I now figure out how to offer five, and numerous individuals are owing me. I could offer 50 plates of pepper soup, Nkwobi, Goat Head before yet now in the event that I offer ten plates, then it is a decent day. Representative El-Rufai is not paying specialists, business is not moving for some individuals and sustenance is too expensive. Is it not when you eat that you can stand to drink? In the event that things proceed with like this up till one year from now individuals will kick the bucket like flies. I detest APC now" 

Tabitha Markus, "In 1984, I was nursing my four months old first child, Kazah when Buhari and Idiagbon expelled Shagari from power. I can't ever was so ravenous like back then. We would line for a considerable length of time and days just to purchase drain, rice and bread and there were troopers whipping us. That year, individuals were taking other individuals' sustenance while it was being cooked. I told these young men yelling "change! Changi!" that Buhari would bring hunger, however they would not tune in. I can see another 1984 coming back once more. Individuals are enduring. My shop is brimming with merchandise, I can't offer, since individuals don't have cash. If it's not too much trouble help us tell the president that individuals are kicking the bucket of yearning." 

Dr. Ben Tantu, express "The present motto of Progress is somewhat a circumstance of terrible to more terrible economy. There is high expansion rate combined with the conversion standard of Naira to the Dollar now fluctuating somewhere around 350 and 400 to one dollar. This unmistakably demonstrates the sort of progress we have, this alter has no monetary strategy course." 


Before Buhari

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