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Governor Ayodele Fayose warn EFCC not to continue harassing his family members as EFCC is set to arresthis son and wife.

"On the off chance that you have an issue with me confront me and allow my family to sit unbothered," he said in an announcement issued on Monday.

Describing what happened, he said: "My significant other made a trip to Ado Ekiti to see my companion and sibling Representative Fayose and his family. They were en route away when they went to Get to Bank in Ado Ekiti to get some cash.

"When they arrived my eight-month-old child, Aragorn and spouse Valuable Chikwendu were illicitly kept, brutalized and put in custody on the requests of the EFCC at a bank in Ado-Ekiti, yesterday.

"She has never had any business with me, she has never been formally welcomed by the EFCC or posed any questions about her exchanges and neither have they kept in touch with her on any issue despite the fact that they are continually sending letters to my home and sending individuals there.

"On the off chance that Buhari needs to manage me why doesn't he confront me like a man as opposed to attempting to damage and hurt my 8-month-old child and spouse."

He included that notwithstanding Fayose "they would have been taken them away and subjected them to all way of damage and insults essentially in light of the fact that she is hitched to me."

As indicated by him, the record being referred to "has 200,000 Naira in it and that has never had more than 500,000. She has worked it since 2005 and she quit utilizing it as a part of 2013. The record has no association with me and I didn't have any acquaintance with it existed till today.

"While trying to starve and bother me and my family every one of my records and spouse's records have been solidified. Presently they are falling back on capturing people groups spouses and kids for no admirable motivation."

Be that as it may, in an announcement by the EFCC, the organization said it put the record on 'Post No Charge' classification after it found illegal money streams into it.

It said its arrangement was to handle Fani-Kayode's better half at a police headquarters and discharge her on safeguard since it was at that point late.

"She was captured by the bank while the Commission was informed but since it was late, the EFCC prompted that the suspect be taken to the police headquarters for preparing and discharge on safeguard.

"They were orchestrating to take the suspect to the police headquarters when Representative Ayo Fayose raged the keep money with hooligans and his own security and mightily secured the arrival of the suspect, with cases that the EFCC had no influence to confine anyone in his express," the EFCC said.

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In opposition to the ex-priest's claim that the record had just N200,000 in it, the EFCC said the adjust in the record was over N2 million.

"The said account, which had an adjust of N 2,307,712.82 was hailed taking after examination concerning the PDP Joint Trust subsidize when the Commission followed N1.1billion to the Apex Financial balance of Fani-Kayode.

"It was found that the record had two biometric ID numbers, one for Fani-Kayode and the other (with BVN 2205597283)for Sonia Chikwendu.

"Similar BVN is connected to two different records in Jewel bank and 15 accounts in Assurance Trust Bank", the organization said.

As indicated by the EFCC, when Fayose was attempting to free Mrs. Fani-Kayode, he undermined to shut down the branch of the bank, furthermore expressing that the EFCC has no energy to capture anybody in his state.
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