Fear grasps Customs working at Seme arrive fringe over claimed murdering of indigenes of host Groups while seeking after Dealers
Customs at Seme border

For quite a bit of a week ago, authorities of Seme Order of the Nigeria Traditions Administrations, NCS, made expound game plan to get Hameed Ali, a retd Colonel and Specialist General, NCS. The magazine learnt that Victor Dimka, the Controller exploited the arranged visit to welcome the Principal rulers, Boss, Baales and different partners incorporating the Young pioneers in the Fringe People group to be at the Summon to meet with the Traditions helmsman to hold up their grumbles.

Dimka has each reason of welcoming partners in the outskirt groups and sentiment pioneers. This is a result of the incessant conflicts between his men pursuing claimed bootleggers and adolescents of the host Groups.

Numerous trust the ceaseless killings turned out to be more awful since Dimka accepted authority of the Charge. The Seme Traditions supervisor uncovered that the successive conflicts between his men and young people of the host Groups have put the officers under ceaseless dread including himself. Signs that he is living in dread is clear passing by the quantity of vigorously furnished officers positioned at his official quarters which is sponsorship the Atlantic Sea. The officers, the magazine was educated investigates guests inspired by a paranoid fear of any assault. Moreso, he has mounted a CCTV in his home to screen guests coming to see him. It was learnt that on a few events, he has turned back some senior officers who had come to see him after close of work. To be sure, he affirmed that it is presently a wrongdoing to wear Traditions uniform inside the fringe region as an officer heading to the workplace was as of late blazed with his vehicle. Likewise, a few young people of the host Groups have succumbed to the officers sporadic-shootings.

A source who addressed the magazine said the officers carry out the wrongdoing of executing while pursuing asserted bootleggers with unbranded vehicles to the town. The source said officers ought to be rebuked for the conflicts at the land outskirt as they gather cash from the runners and still grab their vehicles and merchandise. He said no runner can fly any auto into the nation without going through the Traditions checkpoints along the Lagos-Badagry street. Just, as of late, a few officers from the Government Operations Unit, FOU, zone An, Ikeja, Lagos, had shot sporadically at Ajara People group in Topo region of Badagry while pursuing runners the weapon shots hit four indigenes of the Group. The killing is coming when the Traditions powers need the Controllers to prepare and retrain their men on weapons taking care of and sharpen them on the" Principles of Engagement".

Charles Edike, a Colleague Controller General and Organizer of Zone A, who was at Seme on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, was said to have seen the preparation of the officers on weapons taking care of yet at the same time trust that a great deal should be finished.

Victor Dimka: Requested to prepare and retrain his men.

Numerous trust that Ali couldn't go to the seme meeting on account of the late trick at the Order. He was at Ogun and Idiroko Order where he met with principal rulers, Boss, Baales and Group pioneers who put forth a defense for job of their adolescents. He was however glad at the great working relationship between the officers and indigenes of the outskirt Groups which is encouraging exchange the land fringe. He recognized Multafu Wainda, the Controller for keeping up peace in the outskirt zone.

Edike who was at Seme exposed his psyche to the general population," we are worried about the ceaseless conflicts between a few individuals from the Seme outskirt Groups and the Traditions work force". He criticized a circumstance where officers have been harmed, mutilated and executed''.

"It should not to be so", he said. He asked the Vital rulers, Boss and Baales to call the adolescents in their groups to arrange in light of a legitimate concern for peace. As per him, the inconvenience in the outskirt zone can be kept away from if the young people regard constituted powers. "in the event that you are driving and an officer stops you at a checkpoint, stop and hear what he needs to say. Request that he take you to their office to meet the manager on the off chance that you are not happy with his activity and lead". He revealed that frequently, officers stop vehicles at checkpoints to guarantee that there is no camouflage of arms and ammo, medications or stash merchandise. He said the Traditions "stop and check", arrangement has punctured numerous theft and abduct cases along the fringe zone and noticed that Traditions work force would not attack merchants who get their products through the proper courses. He asked the general population to ensure officers living in their groups. He gave an example of a late case at Shaki People group in Oyo state where some furious individuals had assaulted the Traditions office yet the villagers turned out in full drive to repulse the assailants. It was a major alleviation to Tope Ogunkua, the Controller who has made the state excessively hot for runners. Edike said inconvenience can be kept away from if the general population make the best choice. He recorded the things which can not be gotten into the nation business amounts and those on the altogether boycott list. The primary thing on the import preclusion list, as per him are pork and meat. Others are solidified items, box egg, refined vegetable oil, Spaghetti, natural product juice, bottle water, stowed bond, medicaments, squander pharmaceuticals.

He said cleanser and cleansers, household articles, retreade tires, creased pipes and bars, footwears barring security shoes, bags, utilized compressors, utilized fridges,Tokunbo vehicles of more than 15 years are not permitted to go into the nation in business amounts.

The things banned by the administration, he said, are air guns, Airmill realistic printing paper, clear solicitations, coupon, cowries, instruments relating to stacking of catridges, manilas, matches made with white phospherous and meat. Banned things on the fare list, he said, incorporate scrap metals, ancient rarities and artifacts, natural life creatures proclaimed as jeopardized species, for example, Croco dile, Reptile, monkey, Zebra, Elephant and Timber. 
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