Human Tower is a kind of sport in Spain

At regular intervals the Catalonian city of Tarragona holds an opposition where groups contend to fabricate the most complex human tower

Likely a standout amongst the most well-known enquiries on our Old City Free Strolling Visit is "the place would I be able to see a human tower being constructed?". All things considered, as fortunes has it, the City Committee of Barcelona is pleased to flaunt the interesting Catalan culture to guests. 

Each Saturday evening amid the Late spring months and before the house of prayer you can discover human palaces, monsters, customary moves and a great deal more. Need to know what, where and how? Perused on for the lowdown on gatherings and the 2015 timetable (2016 dates to be discharged soon).

The Catalan customs will happen most Saturdays before Barcelona's Church at 7:30pm from the ninth of May until the 29th of August. This is the thing that you will see every day:

A Noteworthy Catalan show of a tower made up of people. There are diverse sorts relying upon the measure of individuals on every floor. It is viewed as fabricated when a youthful kid ascensions to the top and raises their hand. Ideally they won't all topple down after, however in the event that they do, the youthful youngsters are wearing head protectors for security.

This gatherings make human shape arrangements, for example, pyramids, spinning towers, and so on. A portion of the structures can be truly complex. The music, as in the castells, is constantly present, despite the fact that they don't go as high up as the human towers.
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