A Yoruba man caught planting charms

A Yoruba Man caught with charms 

A Yoruba man caught planting charms

Elele, Rivers State wake up in 30th September to a surprised news as a popular man (Name with head) selling diesel confessed of killing about 13 people including his landlord.

Luck ran out of him when he was caught try to plant charm for his sick brother. He was accused of putting his brother in critical condition. According to the story he felt that the death of the brother didn't go as he planned. He decided to add more charms when he was caught.

It was as if the whole community  gather in the man house as angry mob enter the house to remove the remaining charms from his room. Following the story story the man in question was attacked by armed robbers  sometimes ago leading to him loosing one of his leg. Although this may not be a factor of him being wicked as he is now. It was also gathered that many people including his Landlord, he has accusing finger on their mysterious death.

Angry youth who accused the man of killing another popular crippled youth decided to  burn the man alive. The elders gathered to pass judgement that the man should be banished from the community. The man was later send packing in the evening of the same day, his destination unknown. Since his disappearance the people of the community have know some peace.

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