Love gone wild as Ayan must pay $2,170 fine for dressing like his girlfriend to write exams for her.

Ayan Zhademov(boy)

Ayan Zhademov, 20, of Kazakhstan, was edgy to help his sweetheart when she informed him how stressed she was regarding an up and coming exam.

In the wake of neglecting to quiet her pre-test nerves, he incubated a distraught arrangement to dress like her in the exam room.

The young lady, who has not been named, was get ready to take her Brought together National Testing, an exam in Kazakhstan which school understudies must do to pick up a spot at college.

Wearing an old dark wig, some make-up and crushing into her white shirt and dim skirt, Zhademov took a stab at sneaking into the exam room in the town of Zhetisai in south Kazakhstan.

Be that as it may, he was spotted by analysts, who in the wake of choosing the young lady looked changed to her character card, approached her for addressing.

A representative for the exam board said: 'We suspected it may be another lady that had assumed the applicant's position, however we never suspected it was a man that had her spot. At any rate not until he began talking.

'He took a stab at talking in a high voice however it was clear then that he was a boy.'

Zhademov was fined $2,170 for his activities.

Be that as it may, he has been named a sad sentimental by different understudies, with a neighborhood businessman promised to pay half of the fine in the wake of being awed by the 20-year-old's creativity.

Kindred understudy Dariga Nesterova said: 'It was dumb however extremely sentimental.

'Once in a while love drives us to do senseless things, I wish my sweetheart was this sentimental.'

Another understudy, Goga Korzhova, said:

Another understudy, Goga Korzhova, said: 'She's fortunate to have somebody as bold as this, somebody who will hazard everything for her.'

Specialist Olzhas Hudaibergenov, who has consented to pay half of the fine, said he was pleased to see sentiment was still fit as a fiddle.

He included: 'I think that his sentimental moves later on will be more legitimate.'

The young lady was advised she will need to now hold up until one year from now before taking the exam.
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