Big Daddy

Wedding bells! Wedding bells! Wedding bells!

It's expected to be the wedding of the year - Kenya's largest and oldest crocodile, Big Daddy, will marry his two long-term girlfriends, Salma and Sasha. The folk at Mamba Village crocodile farm are planning flowers for the brides, and a raw meat wedding cake. David Mbatu and Maimuna Siraj are finalising plans.

Salma and Sasha

Big Daddy was captured in 1986 in the village of Mamba after mauling five people in River Tana, that did not end there, he also consumed 10 other crocodiles he was housed with.

He calmed down after meeting his partners:

“He welcomed Sasha and Salma to his corner of the pool
            and even shared his food with them at feeding times every Friday,”
             said caretakers at the Village.

According to Paul Mutua, the product manager at the Mamba Village, they are well in talks with the Kenya Tourism Board and others to capitalize on this wedding and promote tourism.

          “We are still discussing how we will put a king’s crown on his head 
           and veils on the brides. 
           When it comes to kissing the bride, 
           there is also an elaborate plan for that,” 
           said Mutua as quoted in the Daily Natio


Source: BBC,omg,daily   
 Credit: Photo,  Anup Shah/Thinkstock
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