According to local reports, the moon is loose in the Chinese city of Fuzhou, traveling down highways and rolling over cars and people.

The moon terrorizing Fuzhou is a large balloon, part of the city's annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, that escaped and is now being blown across the city. Check out video from China Xinhua News:

The city of Fuzhou is currently experiencing heavy winds and rain from super-typhoon Meranti, which is the world's strongest storm of the year so far. These high winds from the typhoon were enough to tear the moon balloon away from the festival.

No people or cars have been hurt by the balloon, thanks to the fact that the material is light. Authorities plan to catch the typhoon moon balloon pretty soon.

Videos taken by amused and/or frightened motorists show the blob-like moon—which appears at least two lanes wide—subsuming entire cars and other vehicles as it blows over highways and intersections.

 In one moment that seems straight out of a low-budget monster movie, the floppy gray balloon rolls menacingly toward a motorbike driver who, seemingly frozen in fear, only moves out of the way at the last possible second.

Source: Buzzfeed

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