Can you eat any of these 10 unknown creatures?

Unknown creatures been eating


1. This is type of unknown creature found in Amazon Forest Brazil

    It looks like monkey but yet nobody can tell what exactly it is.

2. You may call this fish,
    but the design in the head is gradually turning to a snake
    but much meat will be located there

 3. Well what I saw here is wild-lizard with big head.
      but there is something about the head
      but this may be one of bush meat!

4. This is snake-like creature but a closer look may reveals that this is not a snake.
      the mysteries behind this creature is yet to be solved

so can you make a delicious meat from here?

5.This particular creature may be monkey or something ease
    but looking closer may reveal other details

6. This particular creature look complicated, 
     I dont know how to describe it.
    may be from Monkey family

7.  This particular one may be hippopotamus
     but a smaller one
     is just one of unknown creature

8. I think this may be giant lizard,
     but it looks big
     with wide mouth

9. This is a fish-like creature,
    but the extension on the head may be an ideal protein 

10. This look like snake
      but according to witness 
      they said that the body is like millipede

   Just make your choice and tell us which one you can eat.
  drop comments.

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