BBC unforgiving mistake!

BBC is a place where everybody is hoping to get accurate and correct information.

How come this citizens spelling came from the media house.
Or is this a Chinese form of citizens (netizens)
Am still confuse I don't know about you!
See their reason of the mistake.

Checking on autopilot

Given my poor record, I was cheered to read anarticle in Wired saying we make typos not because we are dim, but because we are clever.

Writing is a sophisticated job and our brains focus on the structure, the sentences and the phrases, leaving the close-up work to be done on autopilot.

Afterwards we are programmed to read only what we think we have written, not what we actually have. If that is the case, it is odd that we make such a phenomenal fuss about them.

Earlier this summer the New York Times carried a front page story about a speech Barack Obama had given on US foreign policy with a headline referring to his "Cautious Reponse to World Crisis".

The story was much followed up, not because people were worried Obama was soft on terror, but because of the missing S from "response". "New York Times prints glaring typo on front page," crowed the Huffington Post.
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