Facebook for Work is a version of the popular social network aimed at business users. First unveiled in 2014 and currently being tested by a number of companies, it's now reported to be officially launching in October.

The platform is billed as a competitor to communications platforms Slack and Yammer, while incorporating the rest of the social network’s features.

According to Tech Radar and The Information, a commercial launch will happen in October

Companies will be charged based on the number of employees it wants to use the service, the reports have claimed.

The move from Facebook is an attempt to replace internal company systems with a platform that many of its users will be familiar with. "Companies find that they can eliminate or drastically reduce their need for internal collaboration tools such as their intranet, telephony systems, video conferencing and distribution lists," Facebook says.

According to The Information, Facebook will charge companies for the service based on the number of employees using it. We contacted Facebook for more information, but a spokesperson did not immediately provide a comment.

The service is expected to be similar to rivals such as Yammer and Slack. A company's employees use these tools to communicate and collaborate, cutting down on email chains and other old hat ways of working. Facebook's version will be similar to the social network we're familiar with, boasting a news feed and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Facebook for Work does not connect to a user’s personal Facebook account – a separate one has to be created for the enterprise system. "Use News Feed to stay updated, join groups to collaborate, send messages and get notifications about what's most relevant to you," the service’s web page explains.

Source: TechCrunch
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